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Hold on

to all our fans that TBB has not fell off the face of the earth, we currently are working on a big recording project a double cd, well a double download card whapping 18 song set will be releasing two singles off the project very soon

newest member

we want to give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Tokin Blues Band. Corey Avery on drums and vocals looking forward to working and playing with a truly great talent

to all fathers or soon to be

From the Tokin Blues Band wishing all fathers or soon to be fathers a safe and happy Fathers Day

moving on

wow our practice wen't extreamly well.Steve our new drummer,is a great guy can't wait for all of you to meet him hoping to be out neat month hope you're all going to be there dates up soon


up all day,good night/morning to all you lovely people

thanks to all

we are truly touched.and just would like to say thank to all the wonderful and increadable talented artists and fans we have met in our short here on RN, again thank you


We are gong step away from the music for today and go hang out with our mother and in laws be back at it hard and heavy tomorrow,take the time out today to say hey to yours.I know she will appericate it.Love you all happy Mothers Day

ready to get to work

drummer had to work out of town,i miss practing,ready to get to back to work

along way to go and a short time to get there

wow weve been buisy we are now on Twitter and WordPress soon to be on spotify (there every where,everywhere)and it's still too damn cold to go fishing :(

new taste of upcomming cd

just uploaded an rough version of one of the 14 song soon to be released on our new cd titled "Blue" please feel free to comment and tell us what You think love to all our fans and thanks