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Hi Friends! As most of you know I've been campaigning for Cancer Research, to find a cure, for a couple of years now. Hopefully, you've had a chance to visit with James, a small boy who is a cancer victim, and join his site at myspace.com/bizwiz68 James is trying to get 1,000,000 friends on myspace and could sure use your help. I wrote the song JAMES AND DADDY as a tribute to James' courage, and that of his father. Feeling like I failed to pay adequate tribute to James' mother I later wrote A MOTHER'S LOVE. Both songs may be found on my JAMES AND DADDY cd, which I produced, and profits from the CD shall be donated to the Helen DeVos Childrens' Hospital, in Grand Rapids, MI. James was given the choice regarding who would be given the donation from the profits and he said, "The thought of kids dying scares me!" and chose the childrens' hospital over a research institute. I recently started my ROCK THE COUNTRY FOR A CURE campaign, hope to recruit some other artists to assemble another album to sell, with the profits given to the VanAndel Research Institute, in Grand Rapids, MI. Hope you'll all join me in making people aware of how badly we need to find a cure for cancer, to save the lives of the many children who have fallen victim to this terrible disease. Look forward to hearing from you soon, take care and stay safe. Respectfully, your friend. Outlaw


Hi Friends! Looking forward to sharing my songs and making them more available to everyone. Hope you enjoy my original songs and lyrics, not everyone will. Respectfully, your friend. Outlaw