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Just some hollering

HO HO and Lots of Jolly we wish u all some christmas folly!!Come LIKe us on fbook and subscribe to our channel:):)http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSoapGirlsOfficial?feature=watch

Its been a while now!!

Hi Everyone its been a while but we had a rather roller coast of a ride over last few months,notably getting robbed in our home which threw us really back!!Crime in SA is ridiculous!!Anyway bar that we have had some great moments too!!Sorry for all those who were kind enough to message etc as soon as able we will get back to you!!Please join our FB page!!We will return favour!! http://www.facebook.com/TheSoapGirls?ref=stream


The road of an artist is full of ups and downs and sometimes it gets very hard to get past the hiccups!!Its in these moments that fans/friends mean everything because the support keeps us strong!!We just want to say a hearfelt thankyou to everyone who takes the time to message us,spread our music and for being active in your support!!You mean the world to us!!lots of love,Mille et Mie(Your SoapGirls)xx