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New Band Position Available. Inquire Within.

Hello all! We're looking for someone to play keys/synth for us. Below are a few requirements...

You Must: -have your own gear -be able to use it skillfully -be under 30y/o -be able to practice on Sunday afternoons -be able to sing -be able to look the part -be dependable -NOT be a d-bag -be able to play shows -be willing to accept criticism -have a passion for music -be able to write your own parts

If you meet most of these requirements, then message us on our facebook, twitter, myspace or here on Reverb Nation.

We will schedule an individual try out after we receive a message from you.

Riot On! .timmy.

Riot Entries II:

Hi fans!

First of all, thanks for all of the support. You've helped us climb up the ranks from #42 to #11 and for that you have our gratitude. Recently, though, there have been some rumors floating around about the band. Our methods, our beginnings even our personal lives. I would like to take some time to clear these vicious rumors up.

So, without further a due, our origins demystified...

Rumor #1 - we are the best band ever on the face of the planet.

Okay, this is isn't exactly true. Back in 1974 there was a band better than us. But they broke up in 1974 and a 1/2. So, technically, we are the best *active* band in existance.

Rumor #2 - our songs are on Chuck Norris' "wake up time" iPod playlist.

This one is completely true. We are also on Clint Eastwood's "Feelin' Lucky" playlist, Bruce Campbell's "Hail to the King" playlist as well as Lady Gaga's "P-p-p-playlist" playlist.

Rumor #3 - We practice in an old dragons cave.

This one is pure myth. There are no such thing as dragon caves with electricity. We would have to have several large generators to even get the amps running. Although, i imagine, the acoustics would be stunning.

Rumor #4 - Our music melts your face off.

Again, Myth. And our thoughts and prayers go out to that poor girl whose head spontaneously combusted at our last show. It was a freak accident and a complete coincidence. Our attorneys will not allow us to say anything more on the matter...

Rumor #5 - We went on tour with Iron Maiden and B.B. King.

Well, this one is complicated. Ya see, we planned on doing said tour, but, for some reason, Iron Maiden didn't want to go on after Mr. King because he's bad to leave those nasty little diabeetus test strips all over the stage. They eventually worked out their differences and bought a push broom. They were all set to do the tour, but we had scheduling conflicts as we had already pledged to help out at our local homeless shelter. We're still hoping that one day we can get the books straightened out.

Rumor #6 - Dan once ate an entire horse for breakfast.

true. He still has the shoes for good luck.

Rumor #7 - Our amps go to 11.

No, people, they do not go to 11. They don't even have numbers on the knobs. just little dots to give you a rough idea of where they positioned. We did, however, make 10 louder.

Rumor #8 - It is possible to bring an impaired/shocked person back to some degree of proper mental functioning by slapping him/her in the face.

This one is completely true. I saw it on mythbusters the other night.

Rumor #9 - We have super powers.

I am obligated by the United States Government to withhold any and all information of anyone having any type of "super-powers"

Rumor # 10 - we really are nice guys

60% of the time, we're nice all the time.

So there you have it loyal fans! all of the rumor about us have been cleared up and set straight! If you've heard any other ones please let us know.

Thanks all, and have a nice day.


Blog Entry One

Fans of Roman Riot, Welcome to Blog Entry One. We're hanging around fine tuning some crunchy new tunes. Or, rather, everyone else is fine tuning crunchy new tunes while i'm sitting around blogging waiting for them to get to a point where i can start working on vocals. And that may be a while because we usually tend to be over-perfectionistic. But a little extra time for a little better outcome is always good. Let that be a life lesson to you kids out there. Work hard enough and one day you'll be the worlds best lion tamer. Or, alternatively, hold the record for being a lion tamer for the shortest amount of time on record before being eaten. Either way, you tried or you died an awesome death! So here are some things I've discovered today... 1. electric drums, although easier to play, will never be as fun as an acoustic set of drums. 2. typing on a laptop is infinitely harder for me than typing at home on my regular keyboard (even though the're the same size) 3. our drummer is an impusive hummer. 4. i make a completely horrible blog writer. The End On a seperate note, our show this past friday went great! we had a few minor problems that we can add to the list of things to do next time, 1. bring my own mic cable 2. do a soundcheck 3. do a soundcheck 4. be awesomer (even though it's hard to get past 100% awesome) So that's all i have to say for Blog Entry One. *Any spelling errors should be noted and sent to Adam's laptop for being difficult to type on. This is .timmy. and we are the thousand way to die; Roman Riot

Roman Riot
Roman Riot  (about 7 years ago)

I feel i should also point out how funny it is to listen to someone playing electric drums constantly humming to themself while we are laughing at him (as he's watching us laugh) and have no idea what's so funny. So he smiles and pretends something funny happened.