Wallow Sound onstage in Rome, Italy???? Wow!!!!

Yep! You can help us get on stage at the Hard Rock Rising concert in Rome, Italy, and all you have to do is click LIKE on the HARD ROCK TAMPA Facebook page, and download a FREE SONG from us under the HARD ROCK RISING link posted here: https://www.facebook.com/seminolehardrocktampa?sk=app_205164529573076&app_data=eyJpZCI6IjI3MjIiLCJhcnRpc3RfaWQiOiIxMzc4NTQ0In0%3D

It's easy and fast, so we KNOW you can take a minute to help us out with it! PLUS, who doesn't like FREE MUSIC!?!?!?

THANK YOU ALL! See you at Rack'ems on Friday night for a KILLER line-up of bands!

Version 2 UPDATE!

Hey Everyone! Wow, what a crazy couple of months it has been for us! The new line up is having a blast writing songs at Chuck's STORM ROOM STUDIOS, and we are starting to book shows again too, which is awesome! Thanks to all of you that have come out to see us, and for the kind words and impressions about the new songs! We hope to track something soon to have available for download, so keep checking in! We were stoked to be selected for a chance to open the ROCKWAVE show for Filter, Chevelle, and more, and even MORE excited when we made it to the finals! Next Thursday, 09/12, at Dixie Roadhouse in Cape Coral, we need your help to get us that first place spot! PLEASE COME OUT if you can, and check out the amazing bands we are in contention with too! WAY too much talent for one town! Thanks for the FB likes, shares, and for spreading the WALLOW SOUND love on your own pages too, it means a lot to us! Tonight, we hit VOODOO in Port Charlotte for a righteous night of music, so come out and join us if you can! Until next time... Peace, Love, & Wallow (JJ)

One door closes while another opens, or something like that....

Ok people, It is time for a little "Official Announcement" stuff. Wallow Sound as you knew it is no more. No matter how many times I type it, say it, or read it, it still doesn't feel good. After Deven's announcement back in February that he would be leaving, we managed to fulfill a few more shows and charity events. Now, we also must say goodbye to our guitar guru Chad, who is departing due to family obligations. It has been a remarkable ride for all five of us, and in the short span of time we have been together as an all original band (less than a year) we have met so many incredible bands, club owners, and fans that inspired us to heights we never could have imagined. It was a GREAT ride, and all of us shall remain linked from this project forevermore. Eddie, Chuck, and myself (JJ), have decided, along with Deven and Chad's blessing, that we will continue under the Wallow Sound name, but as a new band, with a new direction. We are no longer playing tracks from the first CD, but they are still available to you, should you want them as coasters, wall art, or to actually listen to. Just hit up one of us at any show! We have already begun writing all new material, which is a departure from the past catalog, with a distinct, driving new sound that is a bit more edgy and loose from the Wallow Sound you fell in Love with. I (JJ) have moved to the drums full time, with Eddie on Bass, Chuck as the sole source of guitar sound, and the addition of Greg Pope (of Pushmower fame) as the voice of the band. Wallow Sound thanks you all for your support, and for the kind words, high fives, pictures, stories, and Love that you shared with us this past year. We hope that you give the new line up a chance, so we can earn all that other stuff back again. Until we see you from the stage again, Rock on.........

Memories, Auditions, and the future...

So our last show with Deven at Voodoo was fantastic. He was a very integral part of this band since day one, and he will be missed more than I think even we know this early out of the gate. It got me thinking about my time with Chuck and Eddie, and how we played together in the late 90's and early 00's and then just seemed to have lost track of one another for quite a long time, only to have music pull us back together again. Music can help, hurt, heal, save, change, inspire, and much more. I know that our next Version of Wallow Sound will continue to write songs from our hearts and heads, in the hopes that they effect you in some way, some how. With that said, auditions are well under way, and we have had some serious talent come and jam with us in the hopes of becoming a full fledged WALLOWER! No decisions until we get to make noise with everyone, but rest assured, we WILL BE BACK, and ready to introduce you to our newest member(s) at the INK LIFE TOUR on March 2! Thanks to all our friends, fans, and family for supporting us during this changing of the guard, and guys like Andrew from Rack'em Billiards for understanding our need to cancel shows at the last minute when this took place. WE WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU, and cannot wait to share the stage with the many bands we call friends as soon as possible! Until then, you can always jam out to us on Spotify, download tracks off Reverb or FB, or buy the dang CD on iTunes or Amazon! Thanks for sticking around, and see you at the shows SOON!


Hey everyone! After what seems like forever, the day has arrived and our CD RELEASE PARTY is officially tonight at Rackem's in Cape Coral, FL!

We cannot thank our fans, friends, and family for being so supportive of us, and hope to see as many of your smiling faces as we can tonight!

Stay tuned, because the whole CD will be available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and all the usual places, PLUS, we will be up on Spotify as well!!!

This first CD was a labor of love and pain for us, and Eddie, Deven, Chad, Chuck, and myself have poured our heart and soul into it. We hope you like it!

If we don't see you at the show tonight, we hope to see you soon, and THANK YOU once again, for supporting WALLOW SOUND!


CD update for all you Wallower's!

Ok, you all know our very own Chuck C mixed and recorded our forthcoming CD at his Storm Room Studios and did a GREAT freakin' job! Well, Danny Danzi just finished our mastering, so we should be on track for a June 2012 release of the debut CD from Wallow Sound! Details of this sure to be epic event will be coming, and we'll make sure to email everyone, blow up Facbook, and generally just notify the world of when that's going to happen! For now, thanks for all your support, for voting for us in the Warped Tour contest, and for generally just being te best fans and friends EVA! See you all Sunday at Valerie's for the Earth Day Jam! J.J.

Total Gratitude towards our fans!!

I am blown away everyday by then number of new fans that sign up on out mailing list, or like us on facebook. People from all over the country and the world are slowing starting to catch on and I am really honored to be part of the subject of that attention. Thank you for taking the time to check us out, enjoy our brand of music and for spreading the word about us. You are all amazing. -Chuck C. Wallow Sound

What a weekend!

Just finished up a crazy weekend of music at the Surf and Song Festival in downtown Fort Myers! Great stage, great sound, and so many great bands!!!! Looking forward to a few weeks of downtime, and then we are back again on the 13th of April at RACKEM'S in Cape Coral, FL to do a show with Sxteen Penny, Love In War, and The Uprising!

CD is coming along nicely!

Chuck is doing a great job tweaking the new tunes and making sure everything is just right before we start getting this first CD ready for YOU guys!!! Hopefully we will still be on track for a May launch! In the meantime, catch us live at FORD'S Garage on 3/22, and at Surf and Song Festival on the 31st!!!