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Picking Songs

Over the past several years I have written many songs, some I have forgotten becaue in my twenties I was sure I could remember everything forever so they never got written down, some that I wrote in the mid 90s that I thought were great then just kind of sound dated today. There are others I believe have stood the test of time. After about a dark half decade where I wrote a total of two songs, the last two years have yielded several new songs including Farm Boys, Beer in a Wine Glass and This Time Next Year. My upcoming album "The Lost Acre" is a collection of songs written in three different decades from 1997 to 2012 reflecting many different changes in my life. Six songs are done and I am pleased with the results, four spots remain and this is where it gets hard, with about fifty to chose from I want the last few to have the same inpact as the others. I have a session in two days and I have to pick one by then, still thinking.........