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Ships of Gold - The Story

Ships Of Gold - The Story

First of all: Thanks to all these great artists who have joined 'Ships of Gold' so far and thanks to those who will decide to build their own ship some day. Without you this project would have been impossible.

Back in early 2011 Pamela Grigg Black (US) sent me the lyrics of 'Ships of Gold'. When I started working on the song it was never meant to be a shared song as it is now. After the song had been released as one more 'Almondized' song I considered the universal approach of the lyrics and wondered if it was possible to attract friends, musician all over the world to let them make their own interpretation of the song. It was. Some close myspace friends of those days started working on the song and went far beyond the initial idea which was giving them soundtrack to let them add new vocals or instruments they thought the track might need.

After myspace had 'died' I've tried to interest more musicians for the concept and mainly did on Reverbnation. Incredible which styles and genres are available. Some versions of the song let you hardly grasp the original tune which is much appreciated. One cover song in the player rather relates to one of the other versions and less to the original. A detail that makes me smile. Everybody inspires everybody. And yet it is still Ships of Gold.

When I started this S.o.G. page I hadn't found any similar musical project in the net. Probably there is but if not ... then there is something almost historical going on here:)

I know S.o.G. has influenced some other 'concept pages' that can be found on RN. And the members of these projects can be partly found on Ships of Gold and vice versa too. I'm very happy that the idea of sharing music as well as joining musicians all over the world has come true.

Everybody who'd like to interpret Ships of Gold in theirown style should give me a shout. Everybody is welcome.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for all the support, friendship, creativity and inspiration.

Happy sailing

~ kappi (links to all artists contributing to S.o.G. can be found in the bio)