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Appreciate your love & support welcome aboard All Work No Play Shows & Events Louisiana 2 Texas Motivation Camp, I feed my family positive energy let's eat, #2CE is building a empire for family & friends but 50% won't help, I need 100% support from everybody cause once I make it we all make it,.. I would love 2 throw free events for y'all, play your part help me build #2CE empire bring something 2 the table not just your apitiet, don't look for handouts trying get in my shows free when I blow up If you didn't help the movement, please believe I'm watching who's hitting like leaving comments & sharing my status, flyers, videos & music, #2LOVE #PVMC #SEHN

Spring Break Palm Bay Florida

This Florida trip gone be off the chain, Spring Break Palm Bay Florida Friday April 3rd. Club Metropolis & Saturday April 4th Strip Club Evolution Cabaret Salute everyone traveling from around the world come turn up with Shows-Events Louisiana-Texas II-Clean Motivation-Camp--New England, Arizona, Mississippi, California, Oklahoma, Dallas, Monroe, Shreveport, Houston, Alexandria A-Town B-Ballin Louisiana!!


Attention all radio station DJ's here it is clean version of #ITISWHATITIS 2Clean ft. my 5yr. old daughter Delise free download play on air waves world wide, official world premiere video will be uploaded on Youtube Friday for booking inbox me or call 832-746-6771 https://soundcloud.com/crowdsfavorite2clean/it-is-what-it-is-radio-version-2clean-ft-5yr-old-delise JOIN #ITISWHATITISFRIDAYS EVENT-- https://www.facebook.com/events/132584253548801/?source=71

The Meet Houston Party

Crowd's Favorite II-Clean Havenot-Rida & Just Brittany Performing Live 2Nite Club Status Meet Houston Party,.. $500 Right Cheek Left Cheek Contest, Winner $500 prize 2nd. place $250 prize, Michael Watts Swishahouse in the mix hosted by Just Brittany get your tickets in advance inbox me or 832-746-6771 for presale tickets this will be a sold out show, $10 cover $5 with flyer performers coming from Mississippi, Austin, Chicago, Alexandria Louisiana, This event is brout to yall by Camp Bizzie appreciate the chance my nigga show love get love!! ‪#‎2LOVE‬ ‪#‎MRS‬ JOIN INVITE-- https://www.facebook.com/events/132584253548801/

Show Love = Get Love #NetworkingBash / #DJScrewBDay

S/O to all the serious grinders making moves aint playing no games with they career ‪#‎SALUTE‬,.. click like if you're in the bldg. ‪#‎TURNTUP‬ with us July 20th ‪#‎ShowLove‬ ‪#‎GetLove‬ ‪#‎NetworkingBash‬ / ‪#‎DJScrewBDay‬---- DeMarco YungKing Classic, / LilGalready Mwb, / Brian Greeneyedmunsta Addison, / Dan-d Tha Hitmaker, / Front Row, / Lawonn Williams, / Platinumbgumbie Srpmfd, / Herbert Parker, Tricey Stoot, / Brittanie LadyBishop Bishop / Linzoshow You Tube / MrSoutheast Hardhitter / BIG BOY / Beautiful L / Gunz Piont / Texas Tough / Ms V of HushDvd & Hot 94 Jams Radio / So Porcelynn / THE JACKEL / MISTA BOSSVILLE / KJ DA YOUNGSTAR / K.R.U.S.H.GROOVE / IKE-B / TREYKO / MPR / Iceberg HUBBARD & RD / HM MANAGEMENT / DJ T. BOYD / BIG SMOKE / ‪#‎SLRS‬ Spot Light Radio Show / Jak Da Rippa / Oreo, Tag friends & share we bringing the whole city out ‪#‎RIPDJSCREW‬!! ‪#‎2LOVE‬ ‪#‎ALLTHEWAYHD‬ JOIN INVITE-- Free Performance & Free Networking Tables Show Love=Get Love #NetworkingBash — PERFORMERS & NETWORKERS SHARE & TAG FLYER LETS GET IT BossHall Musiic & Crowd's Favorite II-Clean Havenot-Rida APPRECIATE YALL LOVE & SUPPORT, WE KNOW YALL APPRECIATE OUR LOVE & SUPPORT CAUSE WE SHOW LOVE & SUPPORT LIKE NO OTHER PROMOTERS!! #2LOVE #ALLTHEWAYHD

Let's Get Fucked Up Pool Party Video Shoot

{ LETS GET FUCKED UP POOL PARTY VIDEO SHOOT FRIDAY } Im looking for 20 sexy ladies with hot bodies so get your swim suit an come show your sexy body off an get some summer fun pics with me, { FREE } Beer Pong, Keg Beer, Jello Shots, June 28th this Friday Video Shoot starts @6pm @10518 Sagevale Ln. Houston Texas 77089, God will make sure yall make it home safe!! #2LOVE

On My Grind Showcase

We Showing Love & Supporting Independent Artist, Free to perform $10 cover charge If you performing share flyer post music video's or any networking material on my wall let your supporters know yall in the bldg, be at club before 9 or your spot will be taken show starts @10 sharp, we not trying to take yall money motivation camp is on yall side to motivate yall to push harder to travel an perform with us on upcoming events!! Info contact Stallion 832-576-3391


NEW DATE FEB 1ST. Im not with dat bullshit you win cause you brung the most people, pure talent makes you a winner at my show I don't won't your money, my job is to give you more motivation to keep pushing, my blessings come from blessing others, every artist will recieve they personal judge score chart after show, ** JUDGING CRITIQUES & CATEGORIES ** 1. OVERALL PERFORMANCE (1-40) 2. AUDIENCE RESPONSE (1-15) 3. STAGE APPEARANCE (1-15) 4. ORIGINALITY (1-20) 5. PERSONALITY (1-10) ** JUDGING WILL BE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA 100, FOR BOOKING IN A CITY NEAR YOU INFO ON FLYER!! JOIN INVITE http://www.facebook.com/events/132584253548801/?ref=ts&fref=ts


I got my team in my corner and it feels good, Its been a long journey we on the rise from nothing to something, preciate the love from everybody supported the movement since 2001 to now, I took breaks but never gave up, any artist looking to get on the winning team #MOTIVATIONCAMP OFFICIAL!! 2LOVE — with Shows-Events II-Clean Motivation Camp.http://www.facebook.com/HAVENOTRIDAZ


DOWNLOAD FREE DIS DAT SHITIf you in the club reading this status, will you please ask the DJ to play REAL THICK REMIX PAYNE FT. 2CLEAN, If HE OR SHE dont have it they need to be pimp slapped, yall aint heard dis dat shit, DOWNLOAD NOW, EVERYTHING REAL THICK, WHO EVER GOT BEAT IN YA TRUNK DIS DAT SHIT "Real Thick" http://t.co/RWsiUt1d