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Wasup fans and Reverbnation peers. If you havent gone to Datpiff.com to download 1984 the mixtape, now is your chance to snatch it up before I release Six Degrees of Separation.

Why I dont fuck with Fake Djs and Promoters

Growing up in music, I learned alot. I learned who to trust and who to look out for. You have your genuine folk and you have your not-so-true people you run into, who look to gain profit off of your hardwork. The sincere know what you are trying to accomplish. They know the struggle you go through and they stick by you.They know you are an artist not some puppet looking to have his/her strings pulled. They(promoter) will truly promote you or they dj will get your record on and spin it because they know people need to hear it and you as an artist can deliver. Fake ones on the other hand, they want to use you. They want you to pay to be on there mixtape and they want you to jump through obstacles like a fucking tiger at the circus. I say that to say this, I will never ever pay to be on someone else's mixtape. If you arent truly solidified in the peoples ear, Im not fuckin with you. If you come from the suburbs and you trying to feed off of real inner city niggas blues, fuck you! get your own life and stop trying to sale ours. I sale my own..True words from a True independent artist.