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Fontaine James visits Larry Flick on The Morning Jolt

I had a blast with Larry Flick and Keith Price on Sirius/XM's The Morning Jolt. Check it out. http://soundcloud.com/fontaine-james/fontaine-james-and-larry-flick

First Radio Interview on PXR

My first radio interview is on "Searchlight" which is part of "In Search of a Song" where they highlight a song and a chat with a new artist. Previous guests have included Emmylou Harris, Pete Best and Todd Rundgren. Visit https://www.prx.org/pieces/655​73-searchlight-fontaine-james-​barely-there. Join PRX to hear the chat. It's free and immediate. If you get lost once you've joined search for Fontaine James.

Listen for Barely There on Anarchy-1

Hey All- Vents Magazine will be playing my song, Barely There, on their music podcast this Saturday, April 23, between 8 and 10. Check it out if you can. Go to www.anarchy-1.com Enjoy. Font