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The beautiful thing about being on the independant music scene is that you can be recognized for your accomplishments by those who have a respect for your works of art because of their artistry as musicians, writers, producers, arrangers and for some of us our musicianship says a lot about our personalities, The way we play, the way we sing, the way we admire detail to the litle things. No auto tuning here, everything you do "Live! and Well! definitely has an impact on your showmanship Live presentation! and how we can bring it when it matters. I may feel an extra piano solo or change in the Bassline, maybe a five minute Drum Solo leading into my next song that can only be brought in a "Live! setting. There goes that wonderful word again (Live!) I have a weakness for bands because it brings us the originality that I am so prone to (Being from the Old School and all and one of the greatest eras of music 1964-2000)And the 80's (Oh so Great!) "Party Over Oops! Out of Time. As I always say and this has always been my motto of my music and production that Originality Brings Virtue To Any Image. So many record companies so few artist, Wow. Thanks to the Indie Scene for artist like you and I. Bringing back the Grown and Sexy.