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True Grinding

Alot of people talk about being on their grind. Its about as popular as saying "stop snitching". But how many people are really doing what they say? Starting a grind is easy but staying on it is the hard part. This is my story, take this for example. I know you may have seen my pics and wonder how did i get the car, clothes, money etc. Well it didnt just fall in my lap. I came to a point in my life where i was fed up of being broke. Its a difference, when you tired of something you keep going thru it hoping it will change or you will get used to it. When you're fed up is when you will find a way to change the situation. But anyway I wrote down all my weaknesses, which were food and girls mainly. So I cut off my phone so i wouldnt have any way for women to contact me directly, i started eating top ramen noodles and drinking water or kool-aid everyday. No sex during that time period, just jacking off lol. But i say that to say this. If you already broke why try and live like you not. we all are able to live at what our means are so accept that for a while. put your mind to something and itll happen. Now look Im in the Benz with the lambo doors candy painted, wardrobe official, girls throwing themselves at me, etc. Thats how you grind

Why Hate?

A hater will never achieve success because he/she is too focused on stopping other peoples success to realize their own opportunities they have in front of them. First of all, im from the hood, i grew up poverty stricken in a single parent household. But ironic enough it seems most of the haters that i come across have my same background. So if you are jealous of the things that i now have and the goals that i have accomplished, then YOU need to re-evaluate your work ethic!! I didnt have anything handed to me, i aint win no lottery or nothing nigga, ya dig? Its true, anything you want in this world you can have. Remember No Risk No Reward. Meaning you cant do the same things everyday and expect a different result! So Get up off ya ass and do ya thing my nigga!! Cuz i aint hating on no one, i want you to succeed, so yall can stop putting stress on my life!