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Jared Fogle is a SCUMBAG!!

Okay, so here's the deal... Jared Fogle is a SCUMBAG!!! For those of you who don't know, it's people like this guy who were my Inspiration to get involved with the organization Love146. He is being charged with 14 counts of sexual "exploitation" of minors. He has been charged (with proof by phone records) of soliciting, with the "incentive" of a finder's fee (paying these scumbag "pimps" who are Trafficking CHILDREN to sicko's like himself). You wonder "why" I have such a Passion for this organization? Because, the reality is, it could've been one of MY Children...one of YOUR Children. I don't have any dreams of "Fame and Fortune", in regards to my Music. However, I DO have a DREAM and DESIRE that my new Single that I've released "Sweet Nothings", can make some kind of difference in the lives of Children (liked Jared's VICTIMS). Love146 is actively Fighting for (and bringing Awareness) in the absolute abolition of Child Trafficking. If you haven't paid any attention to previous posts... 100% of the profits from the download sales of "Sweet Nothings" will be donated to Love146. Download TODAY and KNOW that your purchase isn't just an expression of support for my Music. It is Support for the Cause of SAVING CHILDREN who are Victims of this epidemic, Rebuilding them and everything Broken within them. www.cdbaby.com/cd/rahnb

Help FIGHT Child Trafficking

Buy the NEW SINGLE from "raHn b" and know that you are helping to fight against Child Trafficking. 100% of the profits from the downloads of the NEW SINGLE, "Sweet Nothings" by raHn b, will be donated to the organization Love146, to support their efforts in abolishing Child Trafficking.

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rahnb http://www.facebook.com/BeTheLOVE http://www.love146.org

You Help Me...I Help You

For each of my Reverbnation "Fams" that go to & "Like" my Facebook Artist's Page... i will do the same in return for you. We're all just out here trying to "get the numbers up", right? Building our FB Fanbase and increasing the amount of people exposed to our Art. You Help Me...I Help You. Go and "Like" my FB Artist's Page @ www.facebook.com/BeTheLOVE. Thanks, "raHn b"


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