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we're trying to raise some money to get our ep pressed. if you would like to help us out, check out this please. thanks. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/408674976/the-jackpine-snag-ep-2-pre-sale

revisiting old haunts

so, we're finishing up the new ep, so watch out for that. unfortunately, us being all poor, in order to get it pressed on vinyl, we're gonna be doing a kickstarter campaign again, so please bear with us. and help us out if you can. stay tuned.

pushing stuff and waxing static

if you haven't heard yet, our ep is out. you can check it out at our label's bandcamp. www.silvermaplekillrecords.bandcamp.com

flogar and other alien names

so we got the test pressings of the 7'. it sounds great. one of the songs was leaked. you can check it out here. http://youtu.be/lqecXnYQJXE. playing a last minute show at mac's on jan 17th. also playing feb9th at new dodge lounge in hamtramck and our ep release show at the mystery garage in lansing. come out for a show.

help us out.

we're trying to raise some funds to put out our ep on 7" record. we're treating this as a pre-order, if you donate so much, we'll get you the record and some other stuff also. if you're interested, check it out at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/408674976/the-jackpine-snag-ep. thanks

cool stuff

for the love of whatever, listen to the Dead See Kings.


if anyone is actually paying attention, we deleted a couple of shows off our page. it's not that they aren't happening, it's just for some reason, they were showing up for The Loft. we're not playing at the loft anytime soon (not that we don't like the loft, just don't have any shows there). we're playing at mac's for those shows (june 18th & july 16th).

underlings and other things

so we're playing shows some this summer. come out and see us.