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Give The Music Space

Sometimes when you are listening way too much of the songs you are recording I think it is important to create some time away from your tracks and go back in a day or two with fresh ears. Music is a funny thing, you can hear the same song you have been listening to for years but you never heard those drum parts or whatever hits your ears differently. It’s all the same recording and nothing has change but somehow you heard something different. So it seems to be my process, record or mix-down and put it away for a day or two, maybe a week. Than with a cup of coffee I sit down and give a listen to it, fresh ears. Recording is like cooking, don’t put in too much, let the song stand on it’s own. Spring time is coming. Still Pickin’ Bill

Mix Down- Cookin'

Today we mix-down the song, Cookin' In The Kitchen plus we are adding a trumpet part and than, than folks besides the mastering we have this one in the can. Than it's on to the next song, new ones coming! Hope everyone out there is making it through the winter, 41 more days and spring is here. Still Pickin' Bill

More Recordings

Today we go back in to add male vocals to the song, Cookin’ In The Kitchen, sometimes it’s good to wait until you have the right vocals for the right song. In this case, Steve Verst did a recording with me on a version of this song and he added some cool parts. The trouble was the studio closed down and those tapes are long gone and nowhere to be found and headed South. Fast-forward to now and I was lucking to get Steve while he was in town. So, we are laying more vocals to this song to thicken it up a bit as I like to say. Tomorrow hopefully we add female gospel vocals and we’re almost having this one in the can, cross your fingers folks. The song, I Make My Stand is almost there, here are the lyrics: Still In Anger/ still in pain/ Stoic sober coming grave/ Do what you can the time remains/ With a hammer and a nail/ Leave your stain/ This is the place I make my stand/ Break the chains/ Engage your brain/ Stand with others in the pouring rain/ Don’t be afraid / there might be some gains/ It’s all links in the chain/ This is the place we make our stand/ Rampage assassins in the sacred land/ Thinking that they’re in command/ Spirits already saying what they knew/ Let the East wind blow now to the South land/ This is the place we make our stand/ Hope everyone out there is having a safe and warm winter. Still Pickin’ Bill Hudson

This week

Today we, go back to the studio to put down Female vocals on my song, Cookin’ In The Kitchen. Denise White who did a great job on my song, Crossing That River will be coming in tonight to lay down some tracks, should be fun. It’s always a surprise to see Denise work. My Thanks to Steve Guidus in producing this one! He really has made it come alive. Than on Friday we go back to the studio to work on my new song, Place I Make My Stand and clear up a few sounds and that one too will be in the can. For fun, I had Denise White add a track to this song. But as a whole Jeff Madian did a lot of drum tracks on this one. We are letting the drums take the direction for this track and this song has only one cord, in the key of D. I wrote this one in July and it has come together very fast which for me is not the way I write songs. My lyrics at times takes me years or as Leonard Cohen says, “at a snales paste”. So they are piling up the songs slowly but sure. Hope everyone out there is surviving this cold and spring will be at our door soon. Still Pickin’ Bill

Dry Spell? Songwritting

I think in anything there are ups and downs and so true in songwriting. You get a great line in your head and you write it down, stick it on the wall and maybe it staying there for a year or two, maybe not. You file it away and when you go back to it like a stranger it takes a different turn that you did not expect. The point here is, there might be times when nothing is coming, like a dry faucet. And you might have doubts, like, what the hell am I doing? Don’t worry about it, really, because sooner or later a great line will pop in your head or you go back to some old songs and find new life. For example, I did a concert and it was over and there was a couple that stayed behind. They asked me if I would sing one more tune. I said hell why not. So I sang to this one nice couple, just them. I picked a new song I wrote called, I’m Alive. I wanted to try out this new tune and try it out. Towards the end of the song the man was crying uncontrollably and loud. I wanted to finish the song but afterwards I asked him if he was ok. He asked me, how did I know? I told him I did not understand. He told me his Dad passed away and the song spoke to him. I got to thinking maybe I should record this one? So ya never know. Still Pickin’ Bill Hudson

Happy News Years in Coming

When I look back at the year behind me I am thankful for all the folks who have supported my music and have me to believe there is still hope in mankind and the important role music has in all of us. With music there are no walls or borders and songs go from one place to another seeping in the cracks and surviving from ear to ear and giving hope to the hopeless and making a day a bit more brighter . Happy News years to all Still Pickin’ Bill

Bob Schmucker
Bob Schmucker  (about 2 months ago)

Backatcha Bill. Happy new year to you as well.

Back In the Studio, This week

We are going back to the studio to work on; Place I Make My Stand and we are almost done with this song. It has one cord and a lot of drum tracks, very different kind of song for me, written back in July. So for me this was a fast one. We are also almost done with a great version of, Cookin’ In The Kitchen. This is very close had I hoped it would sound and my thanks to Steve Guidus for production on this song! This one track sounds like it jumps off the speakers at ya. Here is hoping everyone out there has a great and safe holidays and thank you all the support with my music, so far so good. Still Pickin’ Bill

Recordings-Know When To Go In

Sometimes folks try to pick my brain and ask me how I do what I do as to writing recording. Off the top of my head I would say, do your homework before hand and work out your parts and then like a thief in the night get in the studio and try to beat the clock. So get a very clear idea of what you will be doing. This way you could save money as to the hourly rate at the studio. To give you an idea my song, Crossing That River just with the background vocals we put in around 18-20 hours of just for that part in the songs. I did a mobile recording for this song and we use a theater because of so many people we had on that song. And in 3 hours we had 2 takes or maybe 3 takes and all in 3 hours plus feed everyone. So the key in part is do your homework and get it as fresh as you can as to the sound. Remember, it’s got to be fun and that fun will come through the tape hopefully. Still Pickin’ Bill Hudson

Back In the Studio, Part 26

Today background vocals with the song, Place I made my Stand. Also we are working on background vocals on Cookin' in the Kitchen. This song is being produced by Steve Guidus and he is doing a great job, this one has been a ball of fun! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Still Pickin' Bill

Power of Music

Power of Music Last night local Roanoke musicians gather at a local bar to help raise money for a single Mom and her 3 kids who had a fire and lost that she had in the world, all in a flash. We were able to rise over a $1,000 for her. We also gave a small guitar to her So we played our hearts out and let music do what it does…..gathers people together and maybe in this crazy world we all share something that one is glad to wake up in the morning. There was even a man from out of town with his girlfriend that just happens to be in town and stopped at this bar. Before he left the bar he wanted to let the whole bar know they were damn glad they walked in the door. You might ask yourself why he would do that, one word,……the music. This is where it starts and ends for me, the music that sound, that song. What is it about the music? A long time ago I finally figured out music heals and that’s my job, to heal and also make people stop and think. In the world of smart phones being online I think people are hungry for something they can really feel, live, alive and breathing…..music. Once that is done something happens and I think we carry on through the day. Maybe you heard a good song and during the day, out of nowhere that song pops in your head and you start humming. Pete Seeger believed in the power of what music can do. And the thing I really dig about Pete was he could get people singing. It wasn’t a trick but a skill he learned over the years and was as sharp as his ax. I told him how fast he engages the audience. I mean right out of the gate. I have been on stage with Bruce Springsteen and he also does the same thing, engages right away, no tricks. At the end of the day that is what an artist wants, to be heard. And it does not always work, sometimes the bar is loud place and maybe you think people are not listening. But there is something in the brain that connects with music. And if you keep at it, sooner or later the ears perk up. Here is hoping everyone is with friends, lovers, or family for Thanksgiving. Still Pickin’ Bill