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Off It Goes

In about 3 weeks we will be releasing the brand new CD, On the Road (surviving). We will be announcing the date for release soon! You will be able to buy the CD online on CDBaby and many other sites. More news coming soon!

Going to press next week

Our new CD, On the Road (surviving) is now after all this time going to be pressed next week. We are hoping to release our CD before Thanksgiving. Hang on to your hats folks, here we go....

Tools for the road....good gig moblie

Gig-mobile- Goes up hill, has brakes downhill, goes forward (maybe not reverse), maybe has heat. Once when Pete Seeger and I were out in the woods working I told him I had a new/old gig-mobile. And he just looked at me and asked me what a gig-mobile was? Having never having to explain it I came up with the above list, sore of list. He then told me Woody bought a Ford and did make one payment. He and Woody drove to the West coast with it. The way Pete put it, it did use a lot of oil. There was a posting somewhere out in the net world where us musicians put our stories about not only our gig-mobiles but how did we get to the gigs. The stories were funny, and downright strange. One has to scratch your head and say, no way, well guess what?

Sept. 26th- SongsFarmers-Gathering

This month I will be heading to TN. to the first WoodSongs gathering. I will post more information soon about what Michael Johnathon is doing. Should be fun! Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

50th Year Appalachian South Folklife Center Festival

This next Weekend I will be at The Appalachian South Folklife Center for the 50th year celebration July 18-19. This center was started by the American poet Don West and his wife Connie. Their daughter Heady West wrote the tune, 500 Miles. Back in 1979 I was the director of that year’s festival. Should be loads of fun and I will get to see my friend Michael Johnathon who is laying on Sunday.

DJ's Your Life blood

Being on the road can sometimes can really beat you up. Years ago when I was going up and down the east coast doing gigs, we decided to all get “real jobs”. We ended up in DC and rented a townhouse and this one morning I was hitching hiking to work and this guy picks me up. He happens to be Tom Grooms from WHFS, the coolest radio at that time. So we ended up in a parking lot talking about what was going on with radio for a long time, a very long time. Tom was the first DJ to play my song, Cookin In The Kitchen on WHFS. Listen to his interview with The KInks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0P12I0x5LU

98% There

It's hard to believe but we will be finished and will be ready to go to pressing soon, ok here we go folks and see what sticks to the wall. New CD- On the Road Surviving

Next week back in the studio

Next week we go back in the studio to work on, Take a Look In My Eyes Brother. We will be doing background vocals as man as we can get in the studio. My thanks to Kat Mills for coming along for the ride!

New Song-Take a Look In My Eyes Brother

Tonight we record the song, Take a Look In My Eyes Brother. I can’t remember when I wrote this one….maybe this one was on the pile and I picked this one up. The last time Pete Seeger and I were working in the woods, I sang this one to him without any guitar playing, just singing out in the woods. He heard it tipped his head and razed his eye brows and we went back to work. Of course we will have a banjo along with a mandolin and fiddle and me banging on my old Gibson J-50.

Next, Next CD, studio work

This week we go back in the studio to work on a song that 1st. appeared in Broadside magazine back in the early 1970’s thanks to Pete Seeger. As I remember we were having breakfast and I sang it to Toshi and Pete while we were eating. No, that’s not right, I think they were still in bed and I was in the living room singing very softly. Pete came out and asked me who wrote the song. He wrote the music down and sent it to Sis Cunningham of Broadside. The song Wounded Knee I wrote after reading Dee Brown’s Book called Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. So we are laying those and more tracks, more songs for the next, next CD, 9 so far.