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Releasing new song- Sept. 30th

On Tuesday Sept. 30th we will be releasing the tune, Turn The Key from the new CD, On The Road (surviving). Drums- Jerry Parris Guitar (lead) - Tim Martin Guitar (Rhyme) –Bill Hudson Bass- Brian Wheeling Main Vocal-Bill Hudson Background Vocals- Denise White

Releasing new song

In less than 14 days we will be releasing my new song, Turn The Key from the up coming CD, On The Road (surviving).

Back in the studio-part

Next week we add some more Sax and do some male vocals (backup) and then we are ready to put the songs in order for the First CD. In about 14 days we will be releasing one of the tracks, Turn The Key online. Hope everyone out there had a safe summer. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

Back in the Studio-Part 23

Today we have Denise White working on some background vocals. Next week we have some male background vocals and sax parts. Then its on to putting the songs in order.getting there folks!

Mastering and ADAT tapes Part 2

We go back in to the studio to go through any thing I may have not yet released. One tune we are looking for is called, Turn This World. After this then its back to mastering. We will have enough for two CD's One will be called On The Road, releasing sometime this fall maybe, then releasing the other one in the spring. We don't have a name for that one but I was thinking, Toshi's Garden. Hope everyone is having a safe summer. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

Nov. 13t to the 16th NERFA Conference , Kerhonkson,NY

This coming winter I have been asked to be a panelist and talk about The Feel Good Tour. The Northeast Regional Folk Alliance their goal is to provide opportunities for our members to network regionally and advance the overall mission of Folk Alliance International to: Increase understanding of the rich variety, artistic value, cultural and historical significance, and continuing relevance of folk music and dance among educators, media and the general public. (Education), Provide a bridge to and from folk music and dance organizations and needed resources, and to help those organizations link with their constituencies. (Networking), Influence decision makers and resource providers on the national, state, provincial, and local levels, insuring the growth of folk music and dance. (Advocacy), Support and encourage the development of new and existing grassroots folk music and dance organizations. (Field Development), Strengthen the effectiveness of folk music and dance organizations by providing professional development opportunities. (Professional Development) I look forward to be going and seeing old friends and making new ones.

Cleaning out the closet

We will be adding some tracks we have found on our ADAT dates. One version of Wounded Knee I did that is very cool. That song first appeared in Broadside magazine back in the early 1970. We have 13 ADAT tapes to go through and we are half way there. After that we put the songs in order and the CD will be ready to press.

Mastering and ADAT tapes

Today we try to finish mastering and then going through my ADAT tapes tapes. There is a lost track I have called, Turn This World. Next week we lay the songs in order, then its on designing the CD.

Back in the Studio

Today we start mastering the cuts that will be on the next two CD. Sometimes this can take a while but I am going to try my best that by the end of Aug. to be ready to press the CD's. !st CD - On The Road (Surviving)

New York-July Aug.

This coming Friday I head over to the Beacon Sloop Club. It is right near the train station in Beacon, New York. Can't miss it, its the building with a pine tree going through the roof. You bring some food, bring your instruments and the first Friday of the month it happens, very cool. Saturday we head to the Falcon Ridge Festival and will be there all day. If you like singer/songwriters type then you should check it out.