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This coming March!

I am looking forward to a few things going on next month. For one I look forward to be playing with Guy Davis and David Amram that will be on March 6th at The Turning Point. They both have been very kind in helping me get back on my feet after the fire which took most of what I had in this world. Then I will performing with Jeremy Baum on March 19th as part of the Open Boat Series with the Clearwater. What they do is clear out a space in their large wood shop and we play there. There is a pot luck, so if you come bring some food. It’s a great way to make friends. Than on the 31st of March I will be doing two sets at the Dogwood Roadhouse back in Va. This looks like it will be fun and will be the first time at this place. Here is hoping everyone out there is staying warm! Still Pickin' Bill Hudson


On Christmas Eve everything I had in this world burnt down and it’s all mostly gone. It is a strange feeling to watch your home burn down and you cannot do anything except to watch it burn, burn down. I want to thank all the friends who I know and who I don’t know who have helped me and my roommate. Everyone in the music world has come to my aide with kind comments, gifts that are beyond what my heart can handle at times. A man who I don’t know is sending me by UPS a 1973 Martin-D28. How does one say think you to this? I don’t know but I tried. I am alive and so is my roommate and the cats so I am starting the new year I guess with a fresh start as they say, here we go….. Still Pickin’ Bill

New Tracks on Sound Cloud!

We now have two cool songs: Sherry's Song Don't Blame Me That are now on Sound Cloud. If you want the word with credits, buy Bill's CD On The Road (Surviving)

Now on Amazon- Just in time for the holidays

Folks, you can now buy the full CD with 8 page booklet or download whatever song you would like from the CD. Keep the comments coming!

CD, Now Online-On The Road (Survivng)

Folks, you can now go online and download our brand new CD, On The Road (Surviving) on CDBaby! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/billhudson2

10 more days till release of brand new CD!

This 24th our CD On The Road (Surviving) will be available online for downloading or to buy. My thanks to all the folks who made this happen, it's been a long road.

Off It Goes

In about 3 weeks we will be releasing the brand new CD, On the Road (surviving). We will be announcing the date for release soon! You will be able to buy the CD online on CDBaby and many other sites. More news coming soon!

Going to press next week

Our new CD, On the Road (surviving) is now after all this time going to be pressed next week. We are hoping to release our CD before Thanksgiving. Hang on to your hats folks, here we go....

Tools for the road....good gig moblie

Gig-mobile- Goes up hill, has brakes downhill, goes forward (maybe not reverse), maybe has heat. Once when Pete Seeger and I were out in the woods working I told him I had a new/old gig-mobile. And he just looked at me and asked me what a gig-mobile was? Having never having to explain it I came up with the above list, sore of list. He then told me Woody bought a Ford and did make one payment. He and Woody drove to the West coast with it. The way Pete put it, it did use a lot of oil. There was a posting somewhere out in the net world where us musicians put our stories about not only our gig-mobiles but how did we get to the gigs. The stories were funny, and downright strange. One has to scratch your head and say, no way, well guess what?

Sept. 26th- SongsFarmers-Gathering

This month I will be heading to TN. to the first WoodSongs gathering. I will post more information soon about what Michael Johnathon is doing. Should be fun! Still Pickin' Bill Hudson