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Next, Next CD, studio work

This week we go back in the studio to work on a song that 1st. appeared in Broadside magazine back in the early 1970’s thanks to Pete Seeger. As I remember we were having breakfast and I sang it to Toshi and Pete while we were eating. No, that’s not right, I think they were still in bed and I was in the living room singing very softly. Pete came out and asked me who wrote the song. He wrote the music down and sent it to Sis Cunningham of Broadside. The song Wounded Knee I wrote after reading Dee Brown’s Book called Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. So we are laying those and more tracks, more songs for the next, next CD, 9 so far.

85% There on CD Project

We are now getting close to pressing the next CD, On The Road (surviving). The graphics are almost done. You will be able to pull out a 8 page booklet and be able to really read the words and see who is who on this project. At the same time we are recording the next, next CD project and we have 9 tracks so far in the can. Spring is getting here folks! Still Pickin’ Bill Hudson

We are getting close folks!

The way it now looks late April or early May this CD will be hitting the streets. I will be on CDBaby for those that wish to pay it online. It's been a long ride...... Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

8 Page Booklet

Well after all this time our 8 page booklet with words that you can really read is now done. We can now go on to the rest of the design and we are getting close folks. My thanks go to a lot of people and I hope to work more in the future with these folks. The Roanoke Valley must have something in the mud around here and it gets in the music….very cool. Still Pickin’ Bill Hudson

CD On the Road (surving) Spring Release

Well from the looks of it, we are still working on our graphics for the CD. It will have a 3 panel fold out with a 8 page booklet. You will be able to really read all the lyrics. Here is hoping everyone out there have a safe and warm holidays. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is hoping everyone out there has a good and safe Thanksgiving! We are still working on our CD with photos and words you can really read. The way its going it will be 8 page fold out. Hope everyone out there is warm and safe. Still Pickin' Bill Hudson

CD On the Road (surving)

We are still working on the graphics of our CD and from the looks of it it will be a 8 page foldout with photos and words (big enough so you can read them).

Nov. 13t to the 16th NERFA Conference , Kerhonkson,NY

In about 30 days I will be talking about how The Feel Good Tour got started, and where we want to go in the future. We all know there is a strong need in all our communities of instruments for kids. Learn how you too can do the same thing we are doing in your own communities. http://www.nerfa.org/

List what what songs on this CD

Well we think we have pretty close and below is I have so far, might be one more change but this is close folks. 1 Boulevard of Broken Dreams 2 Turn the Key 3 On the Road 4 Jesse's Lament 5 Down and Dirty 6 Hope in the Heart 7What Would Jesus Drive? 8 I'm Alive 9 Mean Woman Blues 10 Sherry's Song 11 Don't Blame me When its Gone 12 Crossing that River

One More Day- Liberating the song-Turn the Key

This Tuesday we will be releasing the new song, Turn the Key from the new CD, On the Road (Surviving). Let us know what you think folks!