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The Arrogant fuckhead club

.....I personally love it when braggarts get the door slammed in their faces....

My favorite ass-wipe this month is the Pride of China, the female film director, Hú Méi (胡玫). Just an aside any person who does anything remotely deserving or garnering international attention, or infamy is some cases, is labeled "the pride of".

So, with much fan fare and state sponsored PR, the epic film biography of Confucius was released upon an unsuspecting world.

Absolutely, what the world needs now is more propaganda; the teeming masses are hungry for their next force fed hero. God forbid we actually have a moment where some kind of sporting event or ready made action hero is not drawing our attentions away from what really matters and we are forced to actually think about stuff.

Uggggg... perish the thought, as e.g.; recently said, "thinking leads to stuff".

"Fuck that" I say, we need more porn, take out food and vapid starlets making sweet sanitary love to chiseled, squared jawed hunks.

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Two Heads are better than One

I am a magnet for depravity. Some people desperately seek it and find only mediocrity; I on the other hand seem to stumble across it unfailingly.

I had been living in ****** for about 4 months and had become too familiar with the lush lounge bars found with abundance in the downtown area. I prefer these dens of iniquity to dance clubs because it is much easier to charm your way into somebody’s pants when they can actually hear what you are saying.

On this particular Fri. night I went out to meet a friend for a few drinks. He is a bartender at one of the better lounge bars and has a celebrity of his own as he is witty, charming and outrageously gay. As I sat there watching him work his magic on the bar stool audience and sipping my vodka tonic I scanned the room looking for a potential target. All I saw were the usual suspects:

The ultra hip fashion whores who exuded all the raw sexual power of a used dish rag.

The pretty girlie girls who looked as though they would be as much fun in bed as a headache.

The mack daddy playboy wannabes drunk with daddy’ money.

The pickings were slim!

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