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In and out and In again . . .

. . . one breath at a time. . .

kloudworks  (almost 4 years ago)

it's all about breathing!

Dianne www.reverbnation.com/dischmusik

Winding 'A Trace of Lace' around my heart, the epitome of generosity and spiritual beauty, my friend Dianne www.reverbnation.com/dischmusik

Tribute is hers! Dianne Schlotterlein!

Have you met this phenomenal lady and extraordinary friend of mine? You should @ http://www.reverbnation.com/dischmusik. I admit i'm still overwhelmed and deeply touched by her latest song release 'A Trace of Lace'. She is the woman worthy of such tribute and so much more. Thank you, Dianne, for your love and friendship. You are cherished beyond words. ~ Lace

Thank you to Di & the House of Love!

A lovely & cherished surprise! I'm deeply thankful for my beautiful 'Lace' artwork! I admit i'm fascinated and in awe of each artwork fashioned by my sweet friend Di of Di & Sven. Her creations are so romantic and ethereal i'm often overwhelmed. Thank you, Di! Sorry that i've been away so long and i took so long to post. I Love, Love it! I look forward to all your creations and to working with you again soon. Absolutely adore what you do! Everyone please do visit the beautiful Di @ http://reverbnation.com/diandsven to see more of her beautiful works ~ Lace

King Minion Music Podcast features Traces!

Traces is feature in episode 9 of the King Minion Podcast! Listen to Traces songs 'Over the Clouds' & 'Online' and download the podcast on iTunes @ http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/king-minion-music-podcast/id499190258 & read the related blog @ http://kingminionmusicpodcast.blogspot.ca/p/episode-9.html Thank you, KM! Long Live the King!!!

Traces is named one of Aoede's Angels - Week 3/4/12!!!

Traces is named one of Aoede's Angels!!! - Week 3/4/12!!!

See: http://aoedemuse.com/muse/aoedes-angels-week-of-3412-what-you-are-saying-i-want-to-recognize/

Our sincerest thanks, Aoede!


'Kiss Master' featured!

'Kiss Master', A collab of kappi of Kloudworks & Lace of Traces, is featured in Episode 5 of the King Minion Music Podcast! Go to http://kingminionmusicpodcast.blogspot.com/p/episode-5.html"