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Lycanthia/Shroud of Bereavement show at Joes Grotto

Thank you to Mosh Pit Army and for all that came out last night to Joes Grotto .. So many fantastic bands and one great night..

Rocky Point Cantina

Thank you all who came out this past Saturday to the Dual CD release.... Great turnout!!

New Cry Evil Dates

Many new Concert dates for Cry Evil in the next few months.. COME CHECK OUT CRY EVIL!!

Thanks to all who came to Joe's Grotto

Hey guys awesome show last night!! Bomb Threat and Cave Dweller melted faces!! We all appreciate your support! Don't forget to check us out at Goathead Saloon in Mesa on Saturday February 25

Joe's Grotto February 10, 2012

Come check us out at Joe's Grotto!! The show is all ages. We are playing with Cave Dweller and Bomb Threat and Bone Saw!! We would love to see you all there! Thank you to all who have supported us!!

Hollywood Alley January 6 2012

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show! Also thanks to all the bands who played and help make playing this show a blast!! Dont forget to check us out at Joe's Grotto February 10, 2012.


Hey Cry Evil wants to thank everyone who has liked us or has become a fan on reverbnation.com. We appreciate all of you and hope that you will come see us play November 19th at Hollywood Alley.

Cry Evil
Cry Evil  (about 6 years ago)

Thanks to all who came to the show! We love that you took the time to come see us perform!! I hope we see you again in future shows!!
Cry Evil