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Album out now!

We recently released our debut album "Summer is a State of Mind", on Bandcamp. The album collects all the songs we’ve recorded and shared on ReverbNation since 2009.

So if you've ever wanted to have a digital copy of our music, here's your chance now!

Please visit: www.surfschooldropouts.bandcamp.com

"Summer is a State of Mind" is of course chock-full of sunny harmonies à la The Beach Boys and all the stuff we love about 60's pop, sunshine- and surf pop.

You can buy the album on Bandcamp for only $7 (or more, if you're in a generous mood). You can also buy individual tracks, and you can choose between various formats.

Also, if you're on Facebook and if you dig our music, we hope you'll 'like' our Facebook page. We regularly post updates and new songs: www.facebook.com/surfschooldropouts

As always, thank you for listening.


"Summer is a State of Mind" has been very well received so far. Here's some of what others are saying about the album:

"This is an album I found myself loving from beginning to end (...) Not a weak track here, folks - and not only that, but it's an album that will leave you smiling." (5/5)


"(...) the compositions and lyrics are so close, only the vocals give away that these aren’t the real Beach Boys. (...) Highly recommended to fans of First Class, Jan and Dean, The Sunrays and lovers of 60's surfer pop." (8/10)


"Surf School Dropouts' Summer is a State of Mind is filled with 1960's style vocals and harmonies, reminiscent of the surf 'n' pop legends of that time. It's a lot of fun. This Danish group is A#1 in my book."


"This, all said and done is a fantastic debut from an extremely talented outfit. I love it. This has been on constant repeat since I found it and is very quickly becoming one of my favourite albums this year!"


"(...) extremely listenable - The title track, aside from its philosophical wisdom, sets the album off on a strong note, with cascading harmonies and catchy melodies."

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BB reunion tickets secured!

All four of us are going to see the Beach Boys when the Reunion tour stops by Denmark in August. We can't wait. Hey Brian & Mike, if you read this and need a warm-up act, give us a call! Ha ha :-D

Collaboration with the Man from Another Place

We are proud to announce that we have collaborated with the Scottish musician Man from Another Place on the song Where Have You Gone. Man from Another Place composed and recorded the track which we then came up with lyrics and harmonies for. Lyrics written by Andreas Jacobsen and Christian Bendix. Check out the Man from Another Place's profile for more cool music: http://www.myspace.com/themanfromanotherplace