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hats up hip hop

we got to be a bout bissness and not bull shit get it right how many thugs do it take to fuck up a good thang hey sex sell at less thats what they tell me

the real blacksupaman is here

I know yall thought i was done and i was a myth but i'm here to put all the b.s. to rest. yes i'm the dopest artis know to hip hop why i'm tell you why i don't do like every body do hate and play like they down if i'm down you gone know that from the jump .i'm real wit my fans its like yo people dem when i hit town you don't beleve me you better ask the people of dallas i get real love cause i give real love f 20ies and a chaine i feed the block thats why they trust me to tell the kids right .its a black eye in the game for real we bringing it and tell the truth i don't care who hate it just remeber two thangs 1.expresident bush shouldd go to jail or hell for war crimes which ever comes first and 2.you caan't be nobody but who you are stay true to your self BLACKSUPAMAN