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Radio Air Play

I was so happy to have my song, "The Last Time," played on a locally famous radio station (KSSN) last Sunday. This was a first for me! This only happened because Chad Allen Garrett, who played all guitars on this recording, submitted the song to the station. Thanks, Chad!

New Song

So happy to have "drafted" a new song accompanied for the first time by some very basic and rough guitar playing by me (I've just started learning guitar chords). I spent two days (a couple hours each day) working on two chords and writing the lyrics. It's great practice and I like my song, which is in a different style for me. :) Much more work is yet to come, I'm sure...

New Song in Progress

I am looking forward to recording and posting the new song that Chad Allen Garrett and I have been working on recently. It will fit nicely into the country blues genre that I love so much. I really like that Chad's musical style (not only his excellent guitar work but the overall musical composition of the song) comes through clearly in this song as well. While completely different (meaning it's not a sound-alike song), the style of this song is reminiscent of "Stay," which makes me happy because that song has been received fairly well here on ReverbNation by other musicians/artists. Making music is so exciting! Happy day to all! :) --- JiJ

Saline County Moose Benefit

Hey friends...I'll be joining my son, Chad Allen Garrett, tomorrow night at the Saline County Moose (near Benton, Arkansas). We'll be there performing along with Lynn Hooker, Malindia Shoptaw, and other local singers/songwriters and bands in support of the American Lung Association. Come out and join us if you can....

Michael Burks

I was saddened yesterday to hear that Michael Burks has died. I have been a fan of his for many years and will continue to be one always. He was such a great blues musician / artist ...May you rest in peace, Michael Burks.

Anybody Got the Blues 'Sides me?"

Yesterday, Chad and I worked on two new songs that will fit nicely with the two we've already finished...Country Blues is definitely speaking to me now, sort of whispering my name... Much thanks to my son for helping me to develop this style. He is truly great at composing music...

New Song

This is a great week for me because I'm happily and steadily finessing the lyrics of a song I wrote a little over a year ago. Chad Garrett, my son, has finished composing the music for the lyrics and it sounds great!! I love that I can still hear the initial impulse for the melody, but Chad has given the song that classic blues feel, for which I thank him so, so much! :) See Chad's ReverbNation page at http://www.reverbnation.com/chadgarrett ... He rocks!!!


I was so thrilled today to see that I have, for the very first time, attained the status of #9 for the NLR charts on ReverbNation....Yay...Thanks to everyone who has helped me get there....I thought I'd never get to this level....I'm happy :) today!!!

June 19

Worked on a couple of songs Friday night with my son, Chad...Hope to get them together before summer ends...

Blue Monday

. . . workin' on the blues today — new song lyrics, that is.