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Gettin' the itch to write, sing, record...A few more weeks and I'll have a little time to invest! :)

Nice Surprise!

It was so nice to see some familiar faces on my fanlist, AND also to see new people there as well. I really appreciate everyone and I just wanted you all to know that. I'm still learning how to maneuver around on ReverbNation, so if I have not already extended my gratitude to you, please accept this as my personal thanks. I will get better at responding; it takes me a while to learn new tricks...

Upload Successful

WOW! You can teach an old dog a new trick ... :) I just uploaded my new song called "Stay" — Much thanks to my son, Chad Allen Garrett, without whom I could never have done this song. He is playing all guitars on it. Also, thanks to Chris Schall, who is doing a fine job on the drums....One off the bucket list for me, guys!

Life is Good

Life is good, but short. Live the dream!

Wednesday Blahs

Big letdown yesterday. As I was driving toward Bryant — facing wind, rain, and heavy traffic — I was still excited because it was THE day. I was so ready to pick up my cd....but, alas, it didn't happen. Today the feeling has had a "carryover" effect. And it's still gloomy outside. Blah.

Fat Bluesday

Today is Fat Tuesday, which is not a day that I've often celebrated, even though it is popular here in the South. Is Arkansas a southern state? I think so. It is, at least, a southern state of mind. Anyway, I'm trying to get into the mood for going out and celebrating, especially since I'm getting my final mix on my new song early this evening. Even though I'm sounding a little blah this morning, I am actually ecstatic since this is all kind of new to me... I can't wait to pick up the disk and get the music posted. So, in honor of Fat Tuesday and the soon-to-be debut of my and my son's new song, I plan to go out and sing some blues, have a brew...Yeah, have a big ol' Fat Bluesday! How about you? How FAT is your Tuesday?