Storm Cellar Open Mic Night / Blog

The History of the Storm Cellar at the HI-Banff Alpine Centre hostel

About 4 years ago, the staff at the HI-Banff Alpine Centre hostel thought it would be a good idea if the 220 guests here could have a little pub of their own to socialize in. After some argument, several auction house trips and a few late nights with brad nailers and paint brushes, the Storm Cellar Pub and Gamehouse was born! It's been a popular venue from the start - however, a busy pub need events! Tyler Klausen, our activities coordinator at the time, found ex-staff member and solo artist Ryan Mazur and an old PA from 1983 to entertain our guests. Soon Tyler was joining in on his hand drum. All the noise every week soon attracted Erik Rayman, the hostel's then-night auditor, and his bass. Shortly thereafter, the hostel manager Ken Campbell was coerced into showing up with his 12-string guitar and the house band "The Funky Pickles" was born.