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Time Machine

She is an '80s girl, living in a modern world. Big hair, leg warmers, rock n roll and funky r&b are what keep her alive. From Michael to prince to David Bowie. From breakin I,II to Pretty in pink to the classic '80s horror movies. From Slick Rick to Run DMC. She is convinced she was born to the WRONG generation. If she had it her way, she'd paint the streets in neon colors, put synthesizers in conversations and marry her high school sweetheart. Heck she'd even poplock with the best of the B Boyz. Question is...how she ended up here? In a world where the internet is the new form of communication and cell phones and text messages are how all problems are solved. Boyfriends and girlfriends are seasonal and the new style of club dancing is dry humping on the dance floor. Having a million friends is more important than having two good friends. Only the hot, attitudish and well off are noticed. She sighs. What happened to the days when everything was simple? Love was real and worth it, through the good and the bad. Guys took girls out when they were interested and didn't just come over to "chill". Girls kept the class and ladylike steelo and a great time was the drive thru and a boombox for the whole block to jam to. You didn't have to get naked to pull anybody's attention and respect was the number 1 priorty. I'm telling you. She's an '80s girl living in a modern world. Here, one or two flaws and your out. Nobody is having fun unless they are drunk, fighting or the soundtrack of the night is gunshots. The music is about anything these days. From lipgloss to casual sex to lemonade. Anything goes now. Where is the guy who attempted to build the time machine? He should give it another go because she's...I've got to get back home! I'm an '80s girl living in a modern world. -Taryn Mai