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ADEMA!!! Next week..

Adema next Sunday at the State Theatre in St Pete...Buy a ticket and it get a ride to St Pete on the LITUP RV and party with the band!! We also need all the support we can get on April 13th to help us get on a show with Sevendust and Pop Evil at the State Theatre in St Pete coming May 26th!!! and again we offer a ride to all that want to go and hang out with the band. Lots of great things happening so come out and be apart of it!

New Demo!!

Well, we're gonna take a little trip next week and finish up our upcoming demo. Being recorded, mixed, and mastered at J. Stanley Production Studios. (The same guys who brought you Creed's "Weathered" Album, along with records from Sevendust, Matchbox 20, Sugar Ray, and The Bare Naked Ladies).. We'll be doing an exclusive demo to be herd here online, and will be available at our shows. We're really excited and proud to be working with J. Stanley Productions. and we cant wait for ya'll to hear it!!! Stay tuned!!

Update in things...

Just keepin it up to date on ya'll. Gonna be doing a photo session with our good friend at TKT Photography within the next couple days for more press, then some deals with some peoples in Orlando and Daytona area. then we're Recording new (and better) material. The shows the past 2 months in Cocoa were just a nice warmup till we kickstart it into gear. For thous who all made it out to them shows, thank you!! it was amazing, and we had a blast! Keep in mind, they were just a trail run... the REAL show hits stages in the matter of just days and weeks. so stay tuned!! -Tee Jay

in the studio...

we are sorry for the quality of our songs we are currently working in studio, and yes we are using a drum machine in the demos just until our drummer go's in the studio" thats why we called them the ruff demos" , then we will be releasing a masterd full ep.thank you for listining and commenting we hope to see you at the show.... and you the fans deserve nothing but the best and LIT UP will give you nothing but the best..thanx....

New and Improved!!

Yo! Its ya boy Tee Jay here, Id just like to kick off the new start of our reverbnation account!! we got alot of sh** planned up in coming, and i hope ya'll can really dig the tunes!! and hopefully come out to the shows!! We've just spent the last 5 months rehearsing our asses off, and writing brand new material!!! and we're debuting at the 321 LOCAL ROCK BAR in Coco Beach March 15th!!! then its smooth sailing all through out the Spring and into the Summer!! So keep on our calendar to see where and when we'll be playing next!! Here's to a fresh start!! cheers!! -Tee Jay