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10/6/14 @The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ

10/6/14 @The Boneyard -solo acoustic- The Times They Are-A-Changing- Desolation Row- Positively 4th Street- And It Stoned Me- We Can Run- It's All Over Now, Baby Blue- Touch Of Grey

9/27/14 @Pitney Pub- Galloway, NJ

9/27/14 @Pitney Pub -DEAD RECKONING- set 1- Let the Good Times Roll- Box of Rain- Cassidy- Ripple- Deep Elem Blues- Tom Thumb's Blues- Minglewood Blues- Cumberland Blues- Rosa Lee McFall- West LA Fadeaway- Masterpiece- Brothers and Sisters- I Know You Rider- That's What Love Will Make You Do- set 2- Dancin' in the Streets- Eyes of the World- Gloria- Corrina- Aiko Aiko- Scarlet Begonias- Drum Circle- Fire on the Mountain- GDTRFB- All Along the Watchtower- Sugaree- He's Gone- Truckin'- Lovelight- Encore: Franklin's Tower- Knockin' on Heaven's Door

9/15/14 @The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ

9/15/14 @The Boneyard- Atlantc City, NJ **solo acoustic** Box of Rain- He's Gone- Truckin'- Smokestack Lightning- Sweet Leaf- Touch of Grey- Fly Like an Eagle- Bales of Coccaine- Tennessee Jed- I want to Rock-n-Roll all Night

9/8/14 @The Boneyard-Atlantic City, NJ

9/8/14 @The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ *with Michael Hoebler :vocals/cajon* Poor Poor Pitiful Me- Blister In The Sun- Touch of Grey- West La Fadeaway- Space Oddity- Jet Airliner- Throwin' Stones- Eyes of the World

9/6/14 @Bocca Bistro- Margate, NJ

9/6/14 @Bocca Bistro- Margate, NJ **DEAD RECKONING** Set 1- Touch of Grey- Mama Tried-Mexacali Blues- Liberty- Tom Thumb's Blues- All Over Now- Memphis Blues Again- Big Railroad Blues- Sugaree- West LA Fadeaway- Birdsong- Cassidy- Don't Ease Me In... Set 2- Corrina- I Know You Rider- Eyes of The World- Truckin- New Speedway Boogie- Scarlet Begonias- Fire on the Mountain- Cryptical Envelopment- The Other One- Drum Circle- Not Fade Away- I Shall Be Released- Women are Smarter- Aiko Aiko- Women are Smarter- The Last Time- GDTRFB- Lovelight...... ENCORE- The Weight Dead Reckoning: Mike Coyne- Bass, Vocals-- Chip Miraglia- Guitar, Vocals-- Danny Ott- Mandolin, Harmonica, Saxillo and Vocals-- Bob Naumchik-Percussion- Michael Hoebler- Percussion- Cosmic Charlie- Guitar, Percussion, Vocals with special guest Shanin Theiss on Percussion from NFA to End.

9-1-14 @The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ

9-1-14 @The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ *solo acoustic* Seminole Bingo- Poor, Poor Pitiful Me- Memphis Blues Again- Blowin' In The Wind- Lawyers, Guns and Money- Touch of Grey- Liberty

8/25/14 @The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ

*solo acoustic* Cassidy- West L.A. Fadeaway- Touch of Grey- Liberty

8/13/14 @Shenanagins, Sea Isle, NJ

**with The Pedestrians** Set 1- Roses are Free- It Hurts Me too- Minglewood Blues- The Weight- Long Distance Operator- Masterpiece- FOTD- Jack a Row- Queen Jane- Bertha- Lawyers, Guns and Money-- Set 2- Eyes of The World- After Midnight- Truckin- GDTRFB- Franklin's Tower- Althea- Scarlet Begonias- Fire on The Mountain- The Other One- Werewolves of London The Pedestrians: Mike Coyne- bass, vocals Chip Miraglia- guitar, vocals Joe Fhurmeister- drums Mike Hoebler- keyboards Mark DeVaul- keyboards, vocals Larry Larabee- harmonica Charlie Wigo- guitar vocals

8/3/14 @Levari's- Tuckahoe, NJ

-Cosmic Charlie Trio- set 1- She Belongs to Me- Mama Tried- Blister in the Sun- One Love- Monkey and the Engineer- Gorilla you're a Desperado- Bales of Coccaine- Birdsong- Suzy Q- Take Me to the River- Gloria- Born on the Bayou- Mr Bad Example- Queen Jane- Charlie's Medicine- Truckin'- New Speedway Boogie Set 2- Glendale Train- Dark Hollow- Play it all Nite Long- Basket Case- Cryptical Envelopment- The Other One- Cryptical ( reprise)- Good Lovin'- La Bamba- Good Lovin- Evil Ways- Oye Como Va- Long Time Gone- Ring of Fire- Lawyers, Guns and Money- Mexacali Blues- Splendid Isolation- Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain- For What its Worth- Masterpiece- TV (original)- The Race is On Encore: Ripple- Quinn the Eskimo- Cant always Get What You Want- Walk on the Wild Side- Cant Always Get- The Weight- Beat it on Down the Line Mike Coyne- Bass, Vocals Chip Miraglia- Guitar, Vocals Cosmic Charlie- Guitar, Vocals Danny O- Saxillo, Harmonica

7/28/14 @The Boneyard- Atlantic City, NJ

-solo acoustic- Take Me To the River- Gloria- Spoonful- Me and My Uncle- Psycho Killer- TV (original)- Bertha