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Share the Love

Share the Love was inspired by the old Pittsburgh soul sound. Besides the obvious, Share the Love's lyrics carry the overall message that "no matter what, the only way 2 get this world right is love!" We are all cut from the same cloth. We all have everyday hurdles. We all go through different situations that test our character and resolve. Remember, we can make it through anything if we are there for each other. Be excellent 2 each other! You never know, that stranger you meet could become a lifelong friend or have a story that might have a profound impact on your life. Share the Love! ON THE RECORDING FRONT: This was one of the first really new songs we wrote since the completion of our last set and one of the first in this new set 2 be recorded. We recorded VT's drum tracks with scratch guitar & bass tracks in August. We knew it would probably have guitar, some organ & definitely horns. The following week I, Kiyeth, put down the bass, guitar, organ & horn parts. I basically developed the parts at that point and before I knew it the song was structurally sound. There was still the task of the solo however. After dabbling with guitars and horns and not feelin it, I kept hearing this wailing on an organ like a Jimmy Smith, Cherry Wainer or Melvin Seals, then out it came. VT returned the following week & we tracked his vocal parts. I did mine later and that was that! EQUIPMENT: VT uses Sonor drums. Kiyeth used a Roland GR-55 for bass, organ, & horns. The guitar used is a Godin LGXTsa into a Digitech GSP1101. The Amp Model was a '65 Twin with reverb & that all runs through a mic'd 4x10 Tech21 Power Engine. Vocals were recorded with a CAD Trion 8000 through a Focusrite Trackmaster. In retrospect, I should have used different settings with the vocals initially. Which I did in most of the other recordings. It is an ongoing evolutionary process this self-producing business. There are mistakes we love, some not so much. But we learn and constantly strive 2 work out the bugs & make it the best we can. Music is our love & we just gotta Share the Love! ONE

Backstory: Latest Hip Hop Songs

We wanted to give a little insight into our latest releases.

Venomous T. & I were playing in a band called West On 29 @ the end of 2010. The timing & capabilities of that line up was not exactly what we were looking for as far as progress goes. The abilities were there, but the dedication was not. VT & I had alot of unfinished business(songs) we were chomping @ the bit to get going. So we decided to return to an earlier idea we had, a 2 piece band. Thus, 2 Party System! First on the docket? Get the Hip Hop songs that we started w/ West On 29 finished. Although Dead End Road, Good Girl Gone Bad & Life in the Strange taken a shape, they were not complete in our minds. Open Door & Potential Tragedy, two songs patiently waiting on the bench were barely considered.

So in mid January we started rewriting & put down a few tracks. Now, VT & I live about an hour apart & we're only able to get together once a week(for now). During that time we were scrambling to get the equipment together that we needed to produce these songs. By mid February, most of the gear had arrived and we dove in. Recording w/ uncharted gear & software, learning it as we recorded. Not prefered, but the clock is ticking. Over the next 3 weeks VT would come over put his vocals down, work on production, rehearse new songs and talk biz plans. By mid March the songs were done. Or at least done enough to release. And after messing w/ these songs for 6 months, it was a good feeling. Completion! Are they everything we want them to be? No, but we think we made our point. Once we were happy with the mixdowns & what not, we took care of the copyrights, posted snippets of them & they'll be up for sale on iTunes in a day or two!! Go buy em! There's much more to sink your teeth into than what's represented in those snippets!!

We are multi-genre. So Hip Hop is not all we do. Next up(w/in a few weeks) is a few of our Metal, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, & World Beat songs. And of course more Hip Hop! The next group will be at least 5 songs. IT IS ON NOW! Thanks! ONE #2PS

Hip Hop Track List: Good Girl Gone Bad Potential Tragedy Open Door Life in the Strange Dead End Road