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Lifetime Achievement Award for Joe King Carrasco

Payline Productions / Texas Music AwardsTM / Academy of Texas Music, Inc Press Release

LINDEN, TX – Lucky Boyd, President of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc remarked, "This is such an exciting time for the Texas music-loving public and the musicians who create that music...being able to reach an unlimited number of fans around the globe was quite a thrill."

The awards show, which will be March 24th, 2012 at The Texas Music Barn, the venue inside the World Headquarters of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc., 301 E. Houston St. in Linden, Texas, is presented by MyTexasMusic.com, the retail partner of the Texas Music AwardsTM and the show’s production company, Payline Productions.

The annual event also serves as a fundraiser for the non-profit Academy of Texas Music, Inc. which seeks sponsorships and donations to further its efforts toward music education programs, scholarships, recognition projects, and benevolence programs for musicians in need.

Jinelle Boyd, who is also the Producer of the Texas Music AwardsTM explains how important this process is to the nominees.

”These outstanding artists need something to bring them recognition for their regional success and help them gain the national attention they deserve. Even though some of our nominees are already quite popular in the music world, the Texas Music AwardsTM serve to give many of the newer artists a stepping stone to bigger and better things.”

One recipient in each category will hold the award title for the next year based on a complex voting system. The voting process includes a public involvement component, and interested fans are encouraged to visit the Texas Music AwardsTM website to learn more about the voting process.

“The public vote is important,” says Boyd, “because it proves that the artists have a connection with their fans, but the bulk of the voting is done by the Academy Board of Honorees. This group of past award recipients casts 70% of the ballots which decide who gets the award in eleven of the fifteen categories. This year’s recipients will be added to the Board of Honorees. This is how we insure that the awards are more about the music and less of a simple popularity contest.”

Boyd continues, "There is however, a popular element to the Texas Music AwardsTM. Six of the eighteen categories are decided by the public vote. The Live Band award and all the radio awards are decided in that fashion. These results will tell fans who really is leading the charge in Texas music."

Two new award categories have been added this year and several founder awards will also be presented, including only the third-ever Lifetime Achievement Award, which will go to Joe 'King' Carrasco.

Sponsorships are available for the 10th annual awards show which will be held at the Texas Music Barn, the venue inside the World Headquarters of the Academy of Texas Music, Inc., 301 East Houston Street, in Linden, Texas.

Sponsors are important in order to raise the needed funds to fulfill the Academy's mission. It's also "the best marketing opportunity in Texas Music", Jinelle Boyd added.

More than a dozen performers will be showcased at the show between award presentations.

For more information on voting, the awards, or sponsorships, visit www.texasmusicawards.org

Texas Music Hall of Fame Nominee

Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns have been nominated for Texas Music Hall of Fame. Margaret Moser writes "Joe "King" Carrasco placed into our Hall of Fame years back for his decades of Tex-Mex rock, reggae, and soundtrack work, but only with the Crowns beginning in 1979 did he eventually become one of the original MTV darlings. The band, which reunited this year, plied a colorful, upbeat border rock dubbed "Nuevo Wavo" with Kris Cummings' Farfisa organ putting an 1980s spin on the San Antonio sound of Augie Meyers' Vox organ of the 1960s. The band recorded on prestigious UK punk/New Wave imprint Stiff Records." http://www.austinchronicle.com/music/2011-12-30/1-2-tres-cuatro/ Get your vote in before January 31st, 2012. http://www.austinchronicle.com/feedback/musicpoll/11/

The Story of Tattoo Laredo and Vamos A Get Down, My 2 New CDs

Full un-cut essay can be found at http://www.joeking.com/tex-mex-international

Tattoo Laredo and Vamos A Get Down were recorded back to back in 1990 and 1991 in Houston and Austin, Texas. Most of the songs were written on the run touring the US, Mexico, Canada, and Europe, in the back of my bus and hotel rooms. I can almost recall everyplace where every line was written. Another Snake In The Grass--Kansas City-- Care to Explain- Austin--6th and West Lynn- Crawl-- Las Vegas Strip--Dirty Job - Los Angeles- Hurts to Hurt- Cozumel- Mexico--Last call- Toronto-Canada--One Love-- Baltimore- Prisoner-Center Point- Texas- Steal Your Love--Chicago-Won't Let U Fall- Lake Austin-- Vamos a Get Down- Pueblo- and Tulsa-- Noche- Houston-- El Arroyo-- Santa Fe-- Easygoing-- Denver--Lookin 4 A Party-- London--That’s What She Said--South Padre Texas--Hurricane-- North Carolina-- Bump and Run-- San Francisco-- When I hear these songs , I am taken back to the location and what was going on in my life at the time, kind of like a postcard. And a lot was going on at this time in my personal life. Writing about it was a good outlet for dealing with it and trying to understand. I was dealing with all the usual suspects that most people deal with--Divorce, Getting your heart ripped out on a regular basis, love going sideways. It was a Party Weekend gone LOCO, but I somehow managed to sneak through it and survive. The main band on these 2 cds were veterans of the Tex-Mex beans and tortilla circuit of Texas in the 70's and 80's with most of them coming from the Little Joe y La Familia scene. these guys were my heroes!! To me Little Joe Hernandez is the godfather of Tex-Mex and always will be--he has always had the best most professional Chicano musicians playing with him. They were the musician’s musicians--if you get what I mean- Tom Cruz was on lead guitar and at the time, was son in law to Little Joe Hernandez and was and still is, the top premium session guitarist in Tex- Mex, having recorded with Lil Joe, La Mafia, and other Texas groups and on this effort, he shines throughout the whole production. Javier Zenteno, on drums, comes from a famous Houston music family. His father, Roberto Zenteno, was a famous trumpet player, from Monterey, Mexico. Chuggy Hernandez, on bass and vocals, and the most funniest person, that I have ever known, also came from a well known- Houston music family. To me he possesses the most magic- charisma and drive that I have ever seen in a bass player and believe me- I have played with a lot!! On keyboards and vocals was Chris Stephenson who was a veteran of the Corpus Christi- 80's new wave scene. He gave the music, that real rock and roll edge. I sang lead vocal and played rhythm and lead guitar. I used my 1960 Telecaster in open G tuning on the rhythm and my Musicman Silhouette on the leads. On these cds they were able to stretch out beyond the confines of what they had been playing on the Tex-Mex circuit, most of their lives and branch out into the crazy grooves of what I was writing. And I strived to allow them the freedom to "Do Their Thing." So you have all these crazy influences crashing into each other. Blues---Rock--Latin---Reggae--and this music is the result. It was a real honor for me to record with these Tex-Mex legends. Something I will always treasure and be eternally grateful. I think it is music that deserves to be heard-- even though it was recorded 20 years ago-- When we first recorded this music- I thought people- would really like it. They danced to it every night. Now 20 years later--The important thing to me is---even though my mother never got to hear the finished product---she loved and believed in this music- and that is all that really matters to me. Tattoo Laredo and Vamos A Get Down are available at www.joeking.com, CD Baby, iTunes and Waterloo Records, Austin, TX

Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns - NEW SHOW DATES

Due to popular demand and the fact that we had so much fun playing together, Joe King Carrasco and the Original Crowns announce a second round of tour dates.

On behalf of keyboardist Kris Cummings, drummer Mike Navarro and bass player Brad Kiser, we really hope to see you on the dance floor at one or more of these shows. It will be a Party Weekend!

August 26th - Uncle Billy’s Lake Travis, TX

August 27th – Crossroads Saloon, Fredericksburg, TX

September 2nd – Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, TX

On Saturday, September 3rd, we head to West Texas to party with two great festivals, Marfa Lights Festival and the Big Bend Balloon Bash in Alpine. It's a perfect way to spend your Labor Day Weekend, plus you get TWO Crowns Shows!

September 3rd – Marfa Lights Festival, Marfa, TX

September 4th – Railroad Blues, Alpine, TX

New Shows Posted for Joe King Carrasco and the original Crowns!

Due to overwhelming demand and the fact that we had a blast playing together again, we have booked several more shows. So far, all shows are in Texas. Check out the event page for dates and locations. Hope to see you all back out on the dance floor for another Party Weekend!!! AyAyAy!

The Texas Reunion Tour - Get Your Tickets Now!

June 17th – Continental Club of Houston

June 18th – Back Porch - Port Aransas

June 24th – Poor David’s Pub, Dallas, Texas

June 25th – Antone’s, Austin, TX

June 26th – Sam’s Burger Joint, San Antonio

Ticket links can be found on our event page.

Reunion Tour will be going to Port Aransas

Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns have added a 5th venue to their Texas Reunion Tour! Port Aransas on June 18th at the Back Porch. Listen to the Crowns Live right on the beach! You can't beat that! http://www.pabackporchbar.com/

Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns Reunion Tour

The Crowns Reunion tour is now hitting Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Follow all the action on the Crowns Reunion Tour Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joe-King-Carrasco-and-The-Crowns/164124643649231

Joe King Carrasco on Podcast "Music You Don't Have....."

Joe King Carrasco's song, Mas Mas from his newly released CD "Concierto Para Los Perros" is previewed on the May 7th, 2011 podcast of "Music You Don't Have but Should". Check out this awesome podcast at http://www.musicyoudonthave.com/

Third Crown's Reunion Show announced

Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns will be playing at Sam's in San Antonio this June. See the event page for details of all the Crown's Reunion Shows.