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Moving in new directions

Lots of new shows ahead! Rusty Taco Tyler (Sept. 6), Mary V's By Shelby (Sept. 7), Top That Yogurt (Sept. 8) Fat Catz (Sept. 15), and KE Cellars Winery (Sept. 28)!

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In the Works!

So far as I type, in just over two years I have performed in 35 venues and clubs mostly as a solo acoustic act. Lately, I have performed with Natalie Rose from East TX, a very lovely talented singer who accompanied me for one show and has practiced very well with me. Our first show in Athens Tx was incredible and something I have been looking for for years. Upcoming for this end of 2011 and for the onset-throughout the year 2012, 1. Finding local or sufficient [not local] band management and production for originals and covers 2. Practicing with up to one other musician for the many upcoming shows for occasioanl duet 3. Writing more originals 4. Preparing for the holidays, private parties and venues Never a dull boy, I have been facing tons of personal trials and looking forward to music and laughter as means for life as well as medicine. On to share the joy! Be sure and join me on Facebook.com/mikeacousticmusic ~ Michael Gonzalez "Mike Acoustic"


Blog entry 1

Not sure what to say, been busy as all get out. Life's changing so much for me, heartache, joy and the thrill of the mystery of music up ahead.

I am in a place where so much is happening in my mind and heart I can write a song just about anytime, if music were a full time, maybe soon but working in clinical care has changed my heart so much I couldn't be more thankful.

Soon I will add more video and songs original (roughdrafts) and looking currently for the right stage hand and producer for many songs to come.

http://facebook.com/mikeacousticmusic Michael Gonzalez is Mike Acoustic