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ILL CONTENT: Self-titled: CD-R Metallic hardcore from some Oakland cats who were around in the ‘80s when that scene was feeling the effects of bands like Attitude Adjustment, Metallica, Exodus and so on. Not surprisingly, the three tunes here recall the much ballyhooed “crossover” period when hardcore bands were getting their muffled chords and geetar solos on. My personal taste/stomach for that style of hardcore is notoriously finicky, but, all told, they do it well, and they don’t embarrass themselves by staying on the hardcore side of the fence and refraining from going overboard with Cookie Monster vocals and/or metal screams. –Jimmy Alvarado (Ill Content, Illcontent@comcast.net) http://www.razorcake.org/record-reviews/ill-content-self-titled

NEW CD !!!! Out March 2012

The most intense chapter of Ill Content, after a long hiatus since 2006, major line-up changes... we're back with a vengeance, a new CD, self-released, DIY. Entitled "Strength Through Common Suffering". 9 songs of brutal fast, mad, in-your-face hardcore, Bay Area stylee. We don't fuckin care of tha past, this is ILL CONTENT that formed again in 2010, and whoever hates us like before and can't move on, we like it very much, and fuck you very much. Let us be your soundtrack to your hatred!

CD + sticker is $7 + shipping

On the recording of these tracks: Doug Dillon - Vokills Von Amon - Drums Falko Bolte - Bass Mo Busby - Guitars

Recorded in November 2011 by: Bart Thurber at House of Faith, Oakland, CA.

New Material

just finished work on six new songs, several that are currently being played live. Working on a rough demo for you IC fans !!