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A new road to pave

so, working with some new things. better equipment and software, its going to take some time but that's all anything ever is. some of the new stuff may sound different than my previous music but it always does. a song to me is a feeling and with the wide range of feeling we all go through its safe to say that the songs will sound different. i am not on a label of any kind so my music is free, i want you to hear it not make me money. however things like a t-shirt or a "hold in my hands" demo CD will cost, for the simple fact that it cost me money for material and shipping, downloads are free so i recommend that route but, if you want the art work or something real I'm sorry to say it will cost. it will only cost what it took to make so if the new four song demo only cost me 3.00 you will pay 3.00. with all that said and done keep on the lookout and if you have questions just message me


demand it!

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The start

So, This is the start of something good i hope.