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New album now available!!!

You can listen & download the short version of "AN UNHAPPY END" and buy the long version, at reverb store: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/artist_1361945

Thank you for the support!

Thank you!

Gore Orchestra is now #11 in metal charts of México, and we appreciate all of you who listen our music, we make music because we love it, we spend time and effort to make original music, so, thank to all our fans for the support, we know, this is not the big thing, but Gore Orchestra is growing because of you and we won't stop 'til we get much more far, once again, thanx!

Gore orchestra

Hope you like this project, this is the only thing that makes me stay fighting this life, even I know I'm not the greatest artist, I think I'm growing as an artist and many aspects of my life, thank you and enjoy, if you like it, support and recommend, please!

-Angel Segovia