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Mike Mattaliano to appear at Leukemia Benefit

WC Press Officer, Marlon Cornblooth, had confirmed yesterday that Mike Mattaliano will be appearing this weekend as part of "The Timeless Band" in a private fundraing event. Alongside some other Trenton-area veteran rockers. The Timeless Band will perform timeless music from the 1950's thru the 1980's. The Leukemia Benefit will be held on Sunday April 7th from 4pm to 8pm at the Ancient Order of the Hibernians in Hamilton, NJ. The event will not be open to the public.

Mattaliano will be paying homage to Rick Nelson, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, and George Harrison.

It is unclear as to whether The Timeless Band will be performing anywhere else in the near distant future.

WC Associated Press April 4, 2013

Farewell, but not really, to "White City"

Personal blog / Stardate 9.15.2012

Took an early morning walk down White City this morning with Jojo. …like I’ve done hundreds of times before. Except today I went down thinking that I’ll be leaving and missing this place for a while since I’ll be moving up the road to "Pleasantville" in the upcoming weeks. There has always been a strong spiritual connection to this place… ever since I was a small boy … my Dad had told me the stories of the Indians and the Civil War history connected to the area. I’ve lived in the area for most of my life, it has always been inspiring. There has even been a couple bands that are named after it (the WC).

This morning, while walking the trails it seemed that the wildlife was coming out to greet me… presenting themselves. Saw some giant cranes that I had never seen before and the ducks were displaying there early morning rituals … pretty fascinating to watch these creatures. A large black animal whizzed past about 30 feet in front of me while I was walking the Abbott trail. I suspect it may have been a wolf … or the Jersey Devil … it wasn’t a dog. There were gorgeous wild flowers that sprung, I gathered some for Autumn.

Like many times before I was the only there at 6am.

Upon my walk back, something else grabbed me … the gate to the Watson house was open. This was the first time ever in all my years that I was able to enter the property. The very large stone house was built in the late 1700’s, there is a Civil War connection, I believe it housed soldiers and it rests on what was a surrounding Indian farm. Jojo and I walked in slowly and a bit cautiously and behold was a nestled little area which looked like at one time was a garden with a small stone pathway etched semi-circle around. Low and behold were the names Mary Roebling and Margaret Finley inscribed on a small plaque which was nestled in a small grooved out memorial area. Who were they? Now I need to find out. There was a car parked on the side of the house … a caretaker?

One of those extraordinary, seemingly magic, life moments which occur once every blue moon. I’ll be back to visit on early mornings but this place will continue to inspire.

During my last two years here, I have taken some time in writting some new music and laying down the framework for what is shaping up to be muiltiple albums worth of material. But that is for another time.

Believe in connections.