PT is apart of the original Huntsville Alabama rap duo Untamed. This is one of their projects " STREET SOLID " also introducing the newest member " JB The Boogey Man " thus creating " Untamed Ent "

Traps N Trunks

PT Prime Time " Code Of Silence " video http://hiphopzilla.com/view/post:199648#.UN9NSOTHWAg


PT was born February 23,1985 in Huntsville, Al and has live there his whole life. While in school, he use to make beats on lunch tables. Free styled with friends in his spare time. He also recorded himself in tech classes on cassette tapes. PT was inspired by his family members Rodney Smartt aka Smartt Boy and Herb Smart in the rap group Ace of Spades. PT was also inspired by Pimp C, Tupac, 8 ball and MJG, and DMX. PT met JB the Boogyman in their neighborhood at the age of 15. He met Ac Burna in 2000 through the group Familo. Following that, PT and AC were apart of a series of Helichoppa Mixtapes. They became the Chopped and Screwed Click of Huntsville, Alabama. In 2002 Wild Bill ( RIP ) introduced PT and AC to Slow Motion Soundz. CP and Mali Boi took them under their wings, which allowed them to grow artistically. In 2004, AC and PT formed the group Untamed. Dawgy Baggz is the one credited for giving them their name. Untamed began recording the album ” Let’s Make A Move” in 2006. “Let’s Make A Move” was released in April 2007. PT began learning the craft of sound engineering and production under Mali Boi “Block Beattz”. Later they were accompanied by CP the Dream. In 2009, PT had a son named Tamarion, which inspired him to work even harder. Also in 2009, JB the Boogyman joined Untamed. Making the group Untamed ENT. In 2010, PT was officially made a “Block Beatta”. Untamed ENT began production on Still Solid, it was released in Dec. 2010. With the strong push from their family, management, marketing, major blog sites, and close friends Codie Gopher ( Codie G ), Joseph Manz ( JO ) and J-Dirrt ( Ballerseve Radio ) , Southern Hospitality, Traps-N-Trunks, ImnotAtoy.com, DatPiff, And Dirty Glove Bastard. The group received a lot of buzz from the “Street Solid” album and wanted to make a follow-up album quickly. Posted The album “Still Solid” was created and the album was released in April 2011. PT began venturing out into movies and modeling. He appeared in his first movie Dumb Girls (www.imdb.com) Which launched his modeling, and acting career. He signed with Explore Talent Agency in 2011. During this he assisted in his fellow label mates and family ” G-Side ” with their projects. Also Sabastian Cayne, Mr. Marcellus, Chico 2000, Big Pope, and Jackie Chain. Also maintaining his position as CEO of Untamed ENT. Currently his latest album “Thoughts of a Leader” is available now on BandCamp.com To check P.T. out find him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PT-PRIME-TIME/162336267197860?sk=info Bandcamp: http://untamed256.bandcamp.com/album/the-6-day-equation Twitter: https://twitter.com/PTPRIMETIME For all of his videos, go to YouTube and put in PT Prime Time and they will pop up including ones he did with other artists. http://radicalartstalent256.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/p-t-prime-time/

Dirty Glove Bastard

PT Prime Time is on Dirty Glove Bastard.


Music Is The Movement

PT's album " Thoughts Of A Leader " Posted to Music Is The Movement http://www.dunndunnmedia.com/2012/06/pt-primetime-thoughts-of-leader-album.html

Speed Hustle

PT Prime Time Talks New Album "Thoughts of a Leader" 4/30/12 / http://www.speedhustle.com/video/pt-primetime-talks-new-album-thoughts-of-a-leader-4-30-12-pt

This is 50.com

PT's video " Code Of Silence " landed on 50Cent's Blog site early September 2012. http://www.thisis50.com/video/pt-primetime-code-of-silence-official-video


PT PrimeTime of Untamed/Block Beattaz gets it. On his new single, he preaches about local harsh realities, et al. over a gospel-flavored track, but he doesn’t make any dramatic changes to his cadence or his diction. He doesn’t put on airs to distance himself from tracks like “Facebook Freak.” Still the same PT, just a different side. That’s why it isn’t that corny when he raps, “You can achieve if you believe.” http://metallungies.com/2011/12/pt-primetime-crazy-produced-by-block-beattaz/

BHam Music Blog

PT Prime Time talks new album " Thoughts Of A Leader " http://bhammusicblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/pt-primetime-talks-new-album-thoughts.html

Southern Hospitality ( UK )

We wouldn’t be overegging it to suggest that Zilla channels a young Brad Jordan here, totally leaving his heart and soul in the booth before Untamed’s PT rips the track to shreds. This is a very strong showing from two of Huntsville’s brightest stars. http://www.southernhospitality.co.uk/blog/?p=14131