Declaration - Rants at No Request from Carter Luera

I’m writing this and I’m sure it’s just another way for me to procrastinate from something else but something made me feel like I should post this and other things. I guess I hope there are other people out there that are like-minded and I’m not sure what it would mean if there was, but I think I would enjoy reading something similar from someone else. This is just a declaration that I will try to post more stuff in blogs, mainly on our band page. The reason it’s on our page is because…well I don’t really have an answer for that or at least one clear answer. But about posting online…I guess I could never post anything and be o.k. since I over-analyze everything and strip it down to make it superficial some way or another, but it’s sort of like why record my music…well I listen to bands like Pelican and Russian Circles and think “man they knew when they started that being in an instrumental band wasn’t ever going to make them rich and it’s costly to record and keep a band together but they still did it and it would have sucked if they didn’t because I wouldn’t be able to listen to their music, which I do all the time at work.” I listed Pelican and Russian Circles as instrumental bands but there are several other instrumental bands that I like also…those are just 2 out of my top 5 favorite. My point is…maybe if I post things, it may do some purpose for someone else like listening to music or reading articles about music does for me and in that case my posts could mean something important. Not that I’m full of myself at all but just mean that bands like Pelican may not realize how much their music affects me. Music and art in general can cause me to become super passionate about something which in turn motivates me to begin a long task. It also has the ability to relieve anxiety…which I have a ton of and can’t seem to get it completely under control but manage a little. I’ll leave with this…it is a strange feeling when you have a clear realization that you know that you will one day not exist…go to sleep and never wake again…that you feel your thoughts mean nothing. If you have ever been put to sleep for surgery or at the dentist or whatever, you have to think that one day you will be asleep like that but never come back awake. And that is why it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about this post or if I’m stupid or crazy. I mean for real…It really doesn’t matter at all but I mentioned above my reason for even posting. After reading this, you need to make sure and do at least one thing, no matter how small or large, that you have fear about and conquer it or at least attempt. I will make sure and do this same…it may be the greatest feeling in the world…the momentary feeling of relief that is. I will post more soon… -Carter Luera