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Trane Gettah- Official Biography

On the verge of dropping his debut solo album “Trane of Thought,” he is also a member of the hot Detroit group Certified G.E.T.T.A.H.'s who dropped their debut album in ’02 called “Blood, Sweat, Tears,” 2nd album, "Grim Muzik," in '04 and "The Tester:Gift To The Streets" in '06 which features the hot single and video "Nothing Last." Also a current member of the up-and-coming Detroit lyrical assault team “Zoo Nation”, Trane's thought-provoking flow represents both the East and West side of Detroit and the Midwest as a whole, with his raspy tone and grimy delivery. Trane will shine as the true epitome and the very definition of Hip-Hop and is living proof that Hip-Hop is not dead.