Breathe, Believe / Blog


So many things have been changing in my life!! It's hectic and hard to keep up! I have decided to return to my music project's original name, because I feel like it is the best fit for me. I mean, really, all we can do is to breathe and to believe. :) I will try to be better to you lovely fans in the coming year, and I hope that all of your hopes and dreams for 2013 come to realization. :) leave me lots of love when I'm away and I will return it when I am back. G'night all :)

Hey there!

I'm Jesse, and I guess this is just kind of a how-do-ya-do :) I have only been writing-playing for a little over two years. I really love feedback, even if it's not positive. All my recordings are just me. The first set of songs i'll be posting are all just songs from my heart. Right now I'm working on a concept album about a zombie apocalypse, and cannot wait to get done so I can hear what people think about it :D