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What's this about?

Thanks for visiting my ReverbNation page!

I have been writing songs and demoing them since my youth. By the time I was 14 I was appearing on the Wheeling Jamboree and recording in Nashville, a fuzzy haired kid singer trying to express himself in a big person's world - Country Music. Through the years I have been lucky to work with some amazing people in show business.

Now that I am almost a big person, I put some parts of my life on hold, pulled the shoebox from under the bed and have been re-demoing the quirkiest songs from my past 20 years of work. There are many others on the way.

They differ in style perhaps, but mostly share some common themes, love or loss. Whether it's not knowing how to say you love someone, being amazed by Love's magic, realizing you never really did love someone, or wondering how you screwed it up, I've found myself writing about it. Sometimes auto-biographically, sometimes not. Love, after all, can be described as one of our most significant human challenges.

These have been recorded over the past year. They take some time to finish as I play all of the instruments, arrange and sing them. I purposely have not spent tons of time making them perfect, they are song DEMOs after all. I wouldn't mind anyone with a label perfecting them...lol.

I hope you find something interesting here. If not, thanks for trying. The mere fact that you listened has reinforced my faith that we all still search for something unique. That search says a lot about all of us.