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A list of most of the talented bands that we have shared the stage with

a list of most of the talented bands that we have shared the stage with over the last couple years.. Our friends, Killbot, Truce, Blessed of Sin, A Balance of Power, Arsenic Addiction, Blood of Saints, Malignant Inception, Still-Born, Black Damp Diery, The Akashic, Speitre, Lidsore, Skies of Redemption, Blacklisted, Bloodshot Nihil, Face The Tempest, and Tera Vega. Also other local favorites, Separation of Self, Jesus Rides a Riksha, Aura Surreal, Visions of Decay, Negative Charge, Desolate, Reaction Effect, Unthinkable Thoughts, Old Timer, Brute Force, Seventking, Meat, Ravings of a Madman, Vinia, Through the Eyes of Carrion, Such Vengeance, My Own Time, Old Timer, Desolate Realm, Last Day of Sun, Nailspine, Scripted Apology, Means Nothing, Eleventh Hour, Sonic Prophecy, Meat Wagon, Gravecode Nebula, Ceremonial Castings, Kiss Me Kill Me, Gawdzye, invdrs, Godawful, Cornered by Zombies, Shinkicker, All Systems Fail, A Horrible Night to Have a Curse, Ods, Occidis, Babble Rabbit, Demoncross and all the others at the metalfest. Also touring bands such as Blood of the Prophets (Ohio), Imagica, Hell Hath No Fury and Kicking K8 (california), Redline and Denots (Idaho), Almost Undone, Parannoyd (from Nevada), SixteenPenny and Undun (Montana), Scarless (New Mexico), Valet Park This and Truckasaurus (Colorado) Struck By Lightning, Vengeance and national acts Hemlock, 3 Inches of Blood, Saviours, Holy Grail, Havok, Hatchet, Black Anvil, Goatwhore, Watain, Mobile Death Camp, Spiral Arms and Skeletonwitch and more....If we forgot you let us know. Thanks to all!!!!!