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5.16.12 - Knee deep in writing new material.

So we've been busy in the studio writing new songs. Getting ready to start tracking demos soon. Hopefully we'll have something up for you guys to listen to soon. It's been way too long since new SE was on the air waves. Looking forward to getting back on stage.


Well, another weekend has come and gone. We're gearing up for the Wounded Warrior show this Friday. Looking forward to blowing the doors off of Acadia bar! It will be another great show with our brothers in Gold Star Revenge. As always, the drinks should be flowing...lol!

We will have some CDs at the show, so if you haven't gotten your copy for our first disc, make sure you pick one up! If you can't wait until then, head on over to iTunes and get you some. :)

So to recap... Friady: great rock n roll, plenty of cold adult beverages and a kick ass cause to support. Be There!

Nov 1, 2011

Well we're back from Victoria, TX. We had a great time, and got to meet some new people- which is always a fun and exciting thing. :) Tonight we start getting ready for the Wounded Warrior show. For us, this is an extremely worth cause. We hope that show turn out will be good, and that together we will be able to raise some money to assist with the fund.

SE News

With less than a month to go before the Acadia show (May 7), we are hard at work making sure that everything sounds killer for you guys when we hit the stage again. We were just discussing the fact that SE hasn’t been on a stage since August of 2008. Wow! Does time fly or what?!!? I can’t wait to get back on a stage and bring the new fire that has formed within the band! See you guys there!