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New songs added on 21st of October

We are back in the studio in October to record 3 new songs (Fire a flare up)(Gloucester Road) and (She's Starlight) They will be up on myspace,soundcloud etc on the 21st October

PLease join us on the links below

www.facebook.com/thealtlantiscode www.myspace.com/theatlantiscode www.soundcloud.com/theatlantiscode www.reverbnation.com/theatlantiscode www.twitter.com/theatlantiscode

Cheers for listening

The Atlantis Code

4 new tracks added to our player

hi guys and gals....4 brand new tracks just added to our player please come and check them out...they are (soulless place) (the hourglass) (eyes dont lie) and (empire dawn) also join us on myspace and facebook and twitter at the links below

www.myspace.com/theatlantiscode www.facebook.com/theatlantiscode www.twitter.com/theatlantiscode

new demo added called..devil woman

hi guys and gals

brand new demo added to our player its called devil woman please give it a listen and let us what you think you guys

thanks for the support and kind words so far

anthony atlantis

bonus acoustic demo...free download

hi guys and gals

three weeks away from the studio tracks being added so as a thank you for all the support and kind words so far we have added a bonus acoustic track it is called the hourglass and its free to download

we cna twait to show you the full atlantis sound but in the mean time enjoy the hourglass

studio songs in april

hi guys and gals

brand new studio songs added in april if you like the demos,the studio tracks will blow you away we promise so stay tuned

also just joined myspace...www.myspace.com/atlantisliverpool