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“At The Mardi Gras” Single Released

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“At The Mardi Gras” Single Released (c)(p) Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste *JZM Records*Jomod Music Publishing

Zigaboo Modeliste, legendary drummer, is pleased to present his new single, “At the Mardi Gras,” as an illustration of one of the many excellent, energetic, and funky new tunes featured on Zigaboo’s upcoming original CD release titled “New Life.” The CD was written, produced, and published through his personal label, JZM Records, and will be released April 2011.

“At the Mardi Gras” is a fun, dynamic song with all the genius drum grooves and beats of the original Zigaboo Modeliste sound. “At the Mardi Gras” is a song guaranteed to make New Orleans proud of its musical tradition and expresses the happy, passionate, carefree festiveness of the Big Easy!

“At the Mardi Gras” features drummer Zigaboo Modeliste, bassist Mark Pero, guitarist Shane Theriot, and keyboardist Kurt Brunus. Horns were arranged by Wardell Querzeque and are played by saxophonist Joe Salsbury, baritone saxophonist Carl Blouin, and on Trumpet are Tracy Griffin and Kurt Brunus. This rich track also includes the talents of organist Joe Krown, percussionist Bill Summers, and background singers Denon Smith, Toney Smith, and Lee Anthony Bailey. News about the full release of “New Life” and upcoming live performances will be posted online at www.zigaboo.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zigaboomodeliste. Make sure to get a copy, as “New Life” is funky, funky, funky and classic Zigaboo!

"At the Mardi Gras" is digitally available on line at www.Zigaboo.com, Zigaboo's facebook page and Itunes

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