2013, so far...

So we survived the Myan apocalypse, eh? Anyhow, Other than our one show in January, we had been taking time working on new material as well as testing out the recording system during practice. We have a few of those scratch tracks up on the site. Thanks to those who've given them a listen. Glad you have enjoyed. After our upcoming show this Saturday, we'll have 2 more posted. We wanted to wait until after the show to post them so everyone can catch them live first. Our April calendar is starting to fill up nicely. Soon we'll be looking into more shows to come. Please don't forget to support us in our upcoming "Battle Of The Genres" in May. -FOF

FOF studios

Still working on redesigning the studio. We plan to play our next couple shows, then work on new material. Not only that, but hoping to take time during the break to test fire the new studio! -Geoff

It Was Awesome!

Our CD release show at mugzy's was beyond our expectations! Thank you to all who came out and supported. Made a lot of new friends and fans that night. FOF has a lot more to come and a lot more to give. In short, be ready!

Coming Soon

The Human Epidemic will be completed by mid August with a planned release date of Sept. Stay Tuned!

The latest... October 2011

We are constantly booking shows, and making new friends. Feel free to hang out with us during and after show! We are recruting more people for our "Bomb Squad" to help spread the news of Fallout Of Fear!

Tina Eshman
Tina Eshman  (over 5 years ago)

you know you have me no matter what... weather im there in person or in spirit... not sure when ill be able to make another show but i will definately be passing out the word of your shows