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Recording Week!!

So the summer is coming to a close, but we're really just starting to dig in... we're ready to record the originals we've been writing over the past year or so. We feel like too many recordings these days are just taken too far away from the feel of people playing music together in a room, so that's our starting point. This coming Tuesday, Laura and I are headed down to Philly on Tuesday morning, where I'll teach most of the day, and then tuesday night we'll probably start setting up at John's place and getting ready to start on Wednesday morning. Wednesday and Thursday we hope to get through at least 3 songs each day, with each track played live between the 3 of us. Like I said, we're really looking for that sound/feel of people playing music in a room. There's something special about that, and we feel we have enough chemistry between the three of us that we can really catch something unique by recording this way. At that point, we'll probably add a few overdubs, percussion, harmonies, etc, and pack up thursday night. Over the next week, we'll decide if we want to record any more songs, or just leave it how it stands! Certainly, it will be at least 6 or 7 songs. We'll be sure to update once we have something worth listening to. Thanks for checking out our page!