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We are not touring yet. Jason just had spinal column surgery and won't be cleared to play til like May I think. Smiley is still in Missouri for the moment but should be back soon. Jeremy is busy recording debut albums from Roseburgs Fallen Theory featuring Jake Trush from a.k.a White Devil and John Birks from Zero Divide. and Roseburg Metal Veterans a.k.a. White Devil are currently putting together they're WAY OVERDUE DEBUT album. Tentative title "About Fucking Time". Jeremy is also collaborating with members of his old band Severed. Dana is very busy with his other band and getting some great responses. We hope to be touring this Summer and will appear on selected dates of the "Keep It in the Family" tour with a.k.a White Devil, Lidless Eye and Fallen Theory. get as many friends as you can to become a fan on this page please!!!!! We'll see ya out there soon. Enjoy the brutality!!!!!

Mack-- DD 2011