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My Sentiments Exactly..

Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening! Please be seated... The show's just getting started! The star has just arrived.. the Little Dipper right before your very eyes! I can't outshine the Son so I'll be the light of the moon Shine brightly While those who don't like me sit back and fume Because they know that my success will bring about their doom No need to worry though, they'll all be leaving soon.

Yea, I say these things 'cause I firmly believe it Haters will try to tear you down like you wouldn't believe it I know that I'll go far in this If I didn't, I'd leave it

With your eyes open or closed, how could you not see it?

How could you not feel it.. How could you not taste it... The opportunity is here... How could you not take it??

I'm taking everything And pray my clouds will never bring Me showers In the 11th hour

Is it wise for me to bring my umbrella just in case, Or is leaving it behind a better sign of my faith?

I know that this walk is kinda treacherous And it may shake my faith but it will not bet the death of it Presently He's blessing me These words are a special gift And I'll drink from the reservoir until there's nothing left of it

But anyway...Nevermind my ramblin' I'm a champion You know how we like to talk after we've fought

Thank you all for coming out tonight!

Now everybody take a seat, we're about to dim the lights! I hope you laugh, I hope you cry, I hope you grow Welcome to the show! -- Follow!

Brandee Britt Here!

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